From the Land of Golden Haze

Work still presses, but had to come up for a quick breather. That is, if the air here was fit to breathe! The pollen count today is 5937 – less that an hundred bazillion little particulates less than the record of 6013 on 4/12/1999. Egads. I love the spring. I hate the pollen.

Several quick hits and then I’m off to code-land again…

Michelle and the HotAir crew have cranked out an outstanding video on “I Am John Doe.” For those living under a rock, the Flying Imams have filed an open-ended lawsuit against the “unnamed” passengers that spoke up against them and had them deplaned. It’s time for this garbarge to stop.

Dr. Sanity points out that even though Time Magazine lauds Ronald Reagan now, they seriously dissed him while was in office. To me, the saddest part of all this, is that the same chant/mindset happens with every administration. Back to Washington. Well, maybe not Washington; he was one of the few. Back to Adams. Even back to King George. Keep going….

The Anchoress relates a story from a teacher friend. Amazing how you can write an essay, filled with hate, but the teacher can only grade it based on the required components used. NOT THE CONTENT. Three guesses as to what the ‘***’ stands for. Yep.

Siggy has more on education. Social promotion always reminds me of my high school graduation night. We were seated in alphabetical order. I felt so special with all my cords and stoles and fancy seals. After we’d gotten our diplomas (back in the day when they really gave you your diploma, not mail it to you later!), the girl sitting next to me asked me to read hers to her. She couldn’t read it. Really. Then I felt very sad.

Fausta, ever the one to plead with folks to use the brain that God gave them, reports on yet another riot by French “youths”. We know what “youths” means. The stupid part of this one is that now, instead of sticking to the original point – the fare-jumper – now the “youths” have politicized the entire issue. Gee, sounds like juvenile projecting (see the Good Doctors) to me. Let’s see:
1. Youngster gets caught.
2. Youngster throws tantrum.
3. Youngster blames nearest sibling/pet/friend/teacher for the bad behavior.

Do Muslims people really think we’re that stupid?

General George Washington wrote on January 14, 1776, “The reflection upon my situation and that of this army produces many an uneasy hour when all around me are wrapped in sleep. Few people know the predicament we are in.”


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