The Shadow Constituency

Read BlackFive’s post that cites a Senate source on the Congressional lolly-gagging on the President’s supplemental funds request. It’s only been 98 days…

“, in particular, has played a key behind-the-scenes role in the months […] Fearing that Democrats ultimately will surrender and give Bush the money he wants, the organization sent Reid and Pelosi a letter saying that if Democrats “appear to capitulate to Bush on Iraq, MoveOn will move to a position of opposition.”

As Uncle Jimbo asks, are the days gone where an elected official actually represents the PEOPLE who elected them? Just how long does it take for the shine to rub off? Just who represents whom now? Is it “government for the people, by the people, for the people”? Or is it a government where representatives reward one another and favored groups for their single-minded hatred of this country and the man who leads it?

It is time to call them out on their “support”. These people are not only aiding and comforting our enemies abroad, but crippling our ability to protect our soldiers in the field. I am unable to even see them as patriotic Americans any more. If you are capable of stabbing our troops right in the front, then you have forsaken your country and shamed yourself in ways I can’t begin to describe. Do we really think the American people voted to deny our troops in the field armored vehicles? We need to make the Dems pay for this.

Yes, indeed. Their treachery and true agenda becomes more apparent by the day. Now we see Nancy Pelosi rewarding her husband, in the same vein of corrupt pandering that she vowed to “clean up” when elected Speaker. I guess it’s only real corruption if someone from the opposing party gets more of the pie than you do. Very few of the liberal-controlled MSM outlets even bothered to note it. But if a Republican representative earmarked funds, regardless of the amount, in the same way, they would be CRUCIFIED in the Press. With scripts provided by the “other side”. In the meantime, graphics directors force their dearest dreams down our throats.

Just exactly WHO is running Congress? No wonder W looks so bombarded…

America has been called a “sleeping giant”. The heart of that sleeping giant is the ordinary people of America. And we are FED UP with the moronic behavior of Congress and we’re about to give the giant a big case of indigestion!

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