Friday Foobar on the Half-Shell

The idiocy factor continues to astound me. Today, we went to The High School to see Wee Highlander get an award. In general, any ceremony in which awards and other presentations are made, a certain level of decorum is expected. However, today, manners were not displayed by the student body; the teachers threw up their hands in a “what can we do” gesture of defeat. When I was in school, teachers were in charge, no matter what the student body wanted. They should all read Dr. Sanity’s post on Education/Indoctrination Hrmph!

But enough about me. Fausta stirs the pot at the library…. Seems the library at Princeton (the town, not the college – that will happen later – just stay tuned) was showing pro-Castro movies under the guise of “human rights”. I seem to remember that “human rights” in particular is a oxymoron down in Havana-town.

Ms. [Fausta] Wertz and Ms. [Maria] Werlau said it’s inexcusable to ignore Cuba’s human rights violations “such as rationing food, jailing journalists and librarians for disseminating information and promoting a public health system they say is based on apartheid in treating different citizens unequally” during a human rights film festival.

Yeah, you know, you have to watch those librarians. Trouble, nothin’ but trouble.

The chaotic black hole known as Congress is trying several manuevers, none of which will endear them to their contituents (hey! remember us?):
– Queen of the Night Pelosi wants to change the House rules to suit her latest whims. Promises of bipartisanship? Yeah, my backside is more bipartisan than her.
– Murtha the Hutt (D-Pa) breaks different House rules by threatening Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich) during a temper tantrum on the House floor.
– As Grand Punishment for everyone ever being born, the House is trying to ram through an immigration bill that has all sides buzzing (MM has a great round up.) I’m still not sure what I think about it, especially since it’s so polarizing. But The Anchoress, as usual, proposes a deep breath and calm reflection.

Like everything else, any immigration reform bill will only be as effective as its enforcement. One things seems very clear to me: dreaming of legislation that had little chance of passing to begin with, while refusing to vote or casting a “teach a lesson vote” is a very poor strategy.

– Hillary is looking for a campaign theme song. Personally, I vote for “Devil in a Blue Dress.”

Siggy has written a three parter (I , II, III) that all college bound freshmen should read before departing to the eternal keg party on the quad. Just cause he/she is cute and hot in the dazed smoke-fille twilight doesn’t mean they are marryin’ material. Keep your soldiers to yourself.

Dr. Sanity, who always has the coolest cartoons, posted the Queen Mother of all today.


That’s all, folks! (snicker)


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  1. Fausta said,

    May 19, 2007 at 6:46 pm

    Thank you!

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