The Yearbook Spell-Checker and Other News

That’s what should be included for the outrageous price of $70.00. My yearbook sponsor from a few millinnia ago must be spinning in her grave right now. Last night, I got my first glimpse of this horrid waste of paper and fake leather. For $70.00, yep, 70 buckeroos, you get to see bad pictures of students (mostly in thuglike poses or with exposed undergarments) and a misspelled word approximately every third page. Oh, and let’s not forget the badly rendered illustrations on every page of the imaginary **HS superheroes. What yearbook staffer’s idea was that? The same stoned one that took all the pictures?

Ahhhh….it’s that time of year again. When those who have been socially promoted get to stumble across the field with those who really CAN read/write/add in their heads. When we get to sit through award ceremonies, ad nauseum, where those who “Overcame This” or “Overcame That” get awards, but the ones with the highest grades do not. Because, after all, celebrating inclusion has nothing to do with celebrating excellence. When you find out the good teachers bale out and a crop of oblivious, unjaded newbies sign their contracts.

3 more years, and we’re done for good.

Other news, ranking high on the idiot chart along with the **HS yearbook, includes:

According to Islam, while a woman cannot be alone with a man, (delinked) they can at least breast-feed them at work. Really.

I’m throwing out all my old Lethal Weapon movies. And not because Mel didn’t look good in a mullet.

The mutual admiration society. Hrmph.

Leave her alone. She hasn’t done a thing to you.

John Edwards, icon for the common man? I don’t think so.

Have a safe, yearbook- and smoke-free day. If you can…


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