My Son, The Doctor. How quickly they blow up!

The American Thinker blog is a must read, every day. I am a firm believer that if you hang out with (read blogs by) smart people, they make YOU smarter. So there is hope for me, yet.


Thomas Lifson quotes Jack at Dinocrat in his post,The Doctor’s Plot:

Mohammed Atta was an architect. These men are doctors. It has been said that architects and doctors arrogate to themselves some of the creative and life-giving attributes associated with God, which idolatry or human presumption is said to be a terrible sin in Islam, though there are of course many Muslim architects and doctors. Moreover, these professions have been important in creating the Modern World.

There are men and women who can make an accommodation to life, and there are those individuals who are tortured by the contradictions between the real world and what they have been taught to believe as true. (Such men often burn with self-loathing; a “paradise” achieved by suicide, murder, and fire would appear to fit pretty well psychologically with their warped experience of the world.) It is therefore not at all surprising that men in such professions as architecture and medicine come to embody the existential crisis of Islam in the Modern World and wind up choosing the evil path. Tragic, but not surprising. [emphasis added]

My, my. Vassals of Islam, beat down by medieval imams, but with delusions of grandeur? What conflicted characters they must be; do they pine for Daytime Emmys? No wonder they rape and mutilate women. While they may have governments cowering behind the PC curtains, the rest of the world (with brains) knows what needs to be done.

Larwyn, ever the power behind the throne (at least one post a day at Fausta includes a hat-tip to her), even has Thomas’ ear….

Meanwhile, my friend Larwyn writes me insightfully about the underlying strategy in using doctors as the agents of terror. Nothing could be better calculated to aggravate ethnic tensions in Western societies hosting Muslim professionals. Who, she writes, is going to be in a hurry to keep that appointment with Dr. Hamid? By sowing such suspicions, the Islamists make life difficult for the peaceful Muslims, and hope to drive them to radical Islam, exploiting the very tensions Jack describes.

Very insightful, indeed. And again, typical adolescent behavior. How better to get the boyfriend you want – than to spread gossip and lies about his girl, so he’ll ditch her. And there you are waiting for him, just like a spider, to aid and abet console. And then take her place in his heart. Little does he know, exactly what happened, or how black your heart really is. Why are the media so enamored with these idiots? Why can’t they clearly, without any bias, report the dogma behind the carnage? If our frivilous media circus wasn’t bad enough, two of the doctors already had set their sights on the U.S. But, you know, this kind of baloney has got to be more important!?!?!

UPDATE: Dymphna continues this thread, comparing our Western ideal of healers educated on our shores to what really goes on in their heads. Bascially …”being trained to heal can be trumped by a mindset that has never left the 8th century.”

The phenomenon of global terror is not driven by the poor, but by the middle class. The further down the economic scale you go, the more crucial are the concerns with survival. But economic success in a culture that feels narcissistically wounded (and privileged) is bound to turn to force and barbarism to prove its superiority. This is not about equality, and it never was. Besides, “brotherhood” in the West has never meant conquest, and fraternity evolved as we moved out of the tribe. This evolution never occurred in Islamic culture, which remains tribal, unequal, and a stranger to liberty.

Outstanding post – read it all.

The next time some morally superior being accuses you of Islamophobia because of your rational concern about the next blow, just remind him of the Islamist doctor’s oath:

Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

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