I’m It

Well, Fausta tagged me with this thing….I think they are always so funny!

…list 8 facts or habits about [your]self that [others] might not otherwise know and then tag another 8 people and leave comments on their sites letting them know that they’ve been tagged, so they can likewise make the requisite revelations.

1. I love thunderstorms.

2. Despite being a tomboy in my early years, I was in a fashion show at the tender age of six. I wore an extremely scratchy dress, which later I wore again in a portrait. To this day, I hate scratchy clothes.

3. I dug up Civil War mini-balls in my front yard.

4. For many, many years, I was afraid of dogs. Now I can’t imagine a day without mine.

5. I play the cello, badly.

6. I design and make most of my jewelry.

7. Even though I love shoes, I hate my feet.

8. My dream car is a 1966 Mustang. Convertible.

And I’m tagging….
Flopping Aces,
Common Folk Using Common Sense,
Church of the Painful Truth.

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