Cheaters 1.0

When my kids were in elementary school, a big emphasis was placed on “Character Education.” Based on the learned observations of the trusted administrators, it must have become evident that parents weren’t providing any such thing at home. Truancy, vandalism, coked up and pregnant 6th graders, weapons; you know the drill. Every week, a new word was taught and behaviors reflecting that new word were encouraged. Words like “Honesty”, “Respect”, and one of my favorites, “Integrity.” Someone, somewhere (obviously previously employed by NASA in a vehicle propulsion lab), had the brilliant idea that if you taught the little tykes these words, hopefully it would influence their behavior in the later grades. Thusly, making their jobs a little easier (ahah!) No one ever thought that perhaps, you know, just perhaps, instead of writing the word on the board and lecturing about it and including it on tests, someone should have MODELED the behavior. Set an example of the behavior. Children learn more by what they see rather than what they are told, at this tender age.

Raising kids with any sense of moral compass is really tough these days. The examples they see every day are big league cheaters, for the most part. Why do it the hard way; work for it, when cheating is so much easier and results in almost instant gratification?

First let’s start with sports heroes. Barry Bonds.

Bonds didn’t start juicing until after all the hoopla over Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa’s jet-fueled home run chase in 1998 made him jealous and frustrated.

Even I (not a doctor, nor have I played on on TV) can see the difference in Bonds’ appearance beginning in 1998. His neck completely disappeared. While records are made to be broken, it’s a shame that Hammerin’ Hank’s record that has stood for over 30 years is being broken by this slime-ball. (UPDATE: Double-whammy cheat.) Baseball deserves better. For example, “Better” as in a class act like Tom Glavine who just won his 300th game.

“I think the feeling right now is probably relief,” Glavine said. “At some point in time, I don’t know when, the historic side of it will sink in. I know the company I’m in, and I’m as proud as can be to be in that company.”

Next, Reporters. Growing up, who didn’t want to be Clark Kent or Lois Lane? Fausta has the best roundup on The New Republic and Scott Beauchamp debacle. Despite the adamant claims of fact-checking, how could he get bases, cities – even countries – WRONG? Just one of many incidents where the media makes up what they want to report, rather than sticking to the facts. (UPDATE: As more and more of the story is debunked, Beauchamp and THR have some choices before them. What will the cheaters do? Blame Bush, of course!) Or even (delinked) the real pictures. Jimmy Olson, where are you?

There’s a saying that if you tell the same lie enough that people will begin to believe it. She and her husband are both liars extraordinare that hoodwinked entire departments of our government and wasted millions in tax dollars. (UPDATE: Here’s a second verse for the “tell the lie enough” crowd.

When Mr. Smith went to Washington, he learned the hard way that our elected officials are anything but representative of their constituents. Nowadays, the House Democrats just change the rules on the fly to alter vote tallies….especially on a vote that they lose.

In what just might be the dirtiest trick ever played in the House of Representatives, last night Democrats tried first to reverse the outcome of an unfavorable vote, then made it disappear altogether.

Way to start a vacation with a bang!

We all learned early on that the foundation of society is the family. Here we see an obscenely weathy man, again, making his own rules. I suppose, the moral to this story is “he with the most acreage wins”. He even gets the cuckolded soon-to-be-ex-husband to sing his praises. As Gerard says

Remember, “You get to have money, fame, and indulge your perversions at will. We get to watch you whenever we want.”

Ready for your shower now? At least the old boy gets to keep the poodle.

And here’s A Different Kind of Outing… So, get this – The cheating media person trying to fly below the radar at a hacker’s convention gets tricked and subsequently outed herself. Therefore the cheater was cheated by the mass of cheaters at their own cheating game. House odds, perhaps? Trinity, she ain’t. Even hackers can smell a rat.

Thus endeth the lesson.

UPDATE: Fausta, Ed & Siggy touch on all these very same topics in today’s podcast. They are so entertaining to listen to!

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