Plucking the Feathers off a Falcon, One by One

The more you pluck a falcon, the more it looks like a chicken.

About a month ago, I wrote a little bit about Michael Vick.

“Vick is guilty of stupidity in the first degree”.

I assumed he’d get the same celebrity entitled treatment in an OJ-style show trial. A slap on the wrist, community service, a couple of PSA’s. Back on the field, flipping off the fans; arrogant and thugish as ever.

But then the unthinkable happened. His pals flipped on him. What started out as a bump in the road, with plans to make camp in a few weeks has majorly blown up in his face. Forget the season. Forget the career. His sponsors are drying up. Those “good lawyers” and “career rehabilitators” will suck down those millions. Patterico has an excellent analysis of what kind of time he’s looking at, even before talking to the judge. He makes an educated guess:

The defense wants to keep the sentence under a year, because if he is sentenced to the range of 6-12 months, there is some flexibility under the guidelines about how he can serve that sentence — up to half of a 12 month sentence can be served by a term of probation, and half can be served by what is called “community confinement”. Community Confinement can be a half-way house, home-detention, or intermittent confinement (weekends).

[…] Frankly, given the facts alleged in the indictment, and the eariler comments of the Judge as reported, I think the defense is up the defecation waterway.

I think they know that and that is why they have asked for a week before the change of plea hearing, and why Vick’s attorneys started their full-court PR offensive today by announcing Vick’s intention to plea and “take responsibility” and “apologize to everyone who has been hurt by this matter.”

Had the government pursued the RICO count, and the base offense level increased to 19 as a result — before any aggravating enhancements are included, the guideline range would have increased to 30-37 months. With aggravating enhancements, the likely adjusted offense level would have been in the mid-20s, and the sentence could have been in the range of 5-8 years.

Judge Hudson knows this.

Message to Mike Vick – you’ve got no friend in Judge Hudson. You’ll be lucky if he gives you only 18 months.

It is way more complicated that it seems or the way it is being reported. Travelling over state lines, possible racketeering, aggravating circumstances. The more aggravating; the more time.

He won’t get the cakewalk he’s hoping for. He’ll do some REAL time and find out just what real thugs are like. He won’t be welcome back in Atlanta. The BooBirds would be back. He might get a spot on Oakland, maybe, but not here.

Already, some whiney liberal media wonks are painting Vick as a victim (you knew this would happen). Remember, Selena Roberts of NYT, was also quick to jump on the Duke bandwagon. As usual, MSM doesn’t look at the facts. FACTS aren’t news.


Today on the homebound commute, I heard something on the radio station. The caller (female) suggested the radio station ask their listeners to send in their Michael Vick jerseys. Then the station could donate them to the Humane Society, so they could use them to line the dog’s cages. (Whoever you are – if you read this – email me so I can give you the credit for coming up with the idea.)

Personally, I was going to use my son’s jersey to change the oil in my car, but this is a much better idea!

UPDATE: Rattler Gator marvels at the stupidity shown by the Vick camp. Michael Barone adds a historical perspective.



  1. August 21, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    […] House Plucking the Feathers off a Falcon, One by One » This Summary is from an article posted at Obi’s Sister on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 Plucking […]

  2. August 22, 2007 at 7:33 am

    Lordy, Chile’ , I gotta admit, I ain’t interested in justice in this case –I’se fed up wif’ crybaby athletes thinkin’ they’s beyond the general order of good citizenship…especially when we pay folks to play wif’ balls a zillion more times than we pays’ those folks who nurse our sick loved ones or teach our babies ter read and write.

    I’m explorin’ yore blog…an enjoyin’ it.

    Keep the faith,
    Yores truly,
    Aunty Belle

  3. April 29, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    […] sense. You know, the ones that follow them around and clean up their various “messes.” Michael Vick had one a long-term retainer. But I […]

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