Map Shortages, Crispy Greece and Lola Granola, Among Other Things

Feeling a mite better. According to some websites (which scare the pants off ya), the effects of the reaction could go on for years. I’m hoping it was mild enough to only last through maybe, tonight or tomorrow. Prayers would be appreciated.

Therefore, instead of a full post of rant, you get a shortened burst today. Complete with rolling eyes.

Government schools at work. According to Miss Teen South Carolina, the reason 20% of Americans can’t find the US on a world map is because there is a map shortage. Really. Poor thing. (And I won’t even mention the blonde angle.) According to the radio station I listen to in the morning commute, she’s going on the Today show this morning to “redeem” herself. I wonder if she expects Green Stamps with that.

Greece is ablaze. Hundreds of fires, mostly suspected of being set by arsonists. (Or terrorists?) Much worse than the wildfires Georgia suffered earlier this year. An American in Greece has the round-up.

Berkeley Breathed’s Lola Granola is jumping on the lastest bandwagon, but most papers are afraid to print the strip. (h/t Fausta) The Iranian Fashion Police would nab her for that parrot on her hajib. Not drab enough to make her disappear.

Speaking of Fausta, she chronicles the Never-Ending Latin American Lunacy and the Never-Ending Castro Death Watch. Wait – he signed an essay! He can’t be dead yet. He must be feeling better…..

Remember, if you tell a lie enough, people begin to believe it.

The term “Literate American” is becoming an oxymoron.

Alfred E. Newman is alive and well and possessing journalists.

Siggy talks about Mother Teresa’s struggles. While the atheists dance in the streets, those who study these things know she considered it her Dark Night. Her Testing. Considering her formidable faith, she was up to it. Too bad the God Deniers don’t get the finer points of struggle. You know, the part about making you better.

Doubt is indeed a blessing, perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts to His Creation, because every time we overcome that doubt and behave in a way that honors God, we have chosen to honor both Him and us. Only those that have experienced darkness can experience and appreciate light and the ability to see both the beauty and the dangers of our surroundings. In fact, if we do not acknowledge that darkness even exists, we can never see and appreciate the light.

And last but not least; Blasphemous Balls. I really wish these people would get a life.

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  1. coffee said,

    January 4, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Miss Teen South Carolina answered that question badly, but she’s still got her looks to fall back on…


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