The Crying Clown, Finally Fred and Mini-Me’s Big Ol’ Belly Flop

One of the world’s most recognizable voices is now silent. While the hubby can do a passable and somewhat humorous Pavarotti immitation, complete with hanky, it is still a sad day for the Pagliacci music world He goes to join another great; only recently departed but already missed. For me, music is many things, but more often than not, it is a source of solace. The Anchoress understands this. She also beat me to the best link of Pavarotti this morning, so just go over to her place and enjoy it. Like her, my favorite by him wasn’t the Nessun Dorma or Ave Maria or any of the more modern stuff with rockstars – to me he will always be the heartbroken clown. Ciao, Luciano, mia cara. May Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest.

Finally, it’s official. Fred picks Leno to finally admit his hat is in the ring. I agree with Fausta,

Once a few more candidates on the Republican side drop off, things will start to get interesting.

So far, I’m impressed with his use of the media (and not the media’s use of him), his savvy use of the eternal political agenda to his advantage and his (so far) ability to beat the weasels at their own game. As Fausta said back when the press was making fun of Fred’s shoes, someone (singular or plural) is very afraid of him. [UPDATE: See, the words were barely out of his mouth, and the gang tackle begins. They are REALLY scared!] Interesting, indeed.

Speaking of politics, why is it a surprise that Hillary’s besmirched donor Norman Hsu has evaporated? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he didn’t vamoose on a Clinton owned (or “borrowed”) private jet. (We’ll have to keep an eye out for that Clinton Lie Detector. If it suddenly appears, we’ll KNOW…) [UPDATE: Ahhh, there he is….] Obama continues to baffle us. The last time I checked, time in the minors didn’t really count in the record books when you got to the BIGS. Shoot, if it did, I could campaign for the next Secretary of the Treasury based on the fact I was once the “Treasurer” of my freshman class. My picture’s in the yearbook – hey, what other proof do you need? Edwards…..oh, who cares….?!?!

Mini-Me’s new movie, The 11th Hour, about AlarmistGlobalWarmingWe’reAllGonnaDieHooey bombs big-time. Maybe if he’d made it more like a PowerPoint presentation, it might have done a little better. The slicked back hair, the somber colors, you decide who he’s trying to look like….


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