Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ahmad-duh-wheres-my-dinner-jacket does New York, returning to his favorite annual vacation haunt. The smell of sulfur proceeds him. Like myself, Combs Spouts Off has seen and read plenty. Plenty to turn my stomach. (h/t Gates of Vienna)

As if reasonable people could have a polite discussion with him about stoning women and homosexuals to death (with small stones, Mahmoud insisted, so they would suffer more), and publicly hanging dissidents by the score.

As if it were not craven cowardice for a Jewish mayor to say, in effect, he’d have no problem with a Holocaust denier committed to wiping out Israel visiting Ground Zero if it weren’t for that pesky construction and the security problem.

As if inviting this monster onto an American campus were not an unforgivable slap in the face to the students and faculty of Tehran University who’ve been beaten, tortured, imprisoned, and killed.

As if we don’t have incontrovertible evidence that he’s sent not only his weapons but his soldiers into Iraq to kill Americans, and as if Iran had not been killing Americans and de facto waging war on us for almost 30 years.

He then goes on to quote Dr. Sanity on the fashionable victim mindset. It’s the fashion accessory of the season; everyone should have one.

Where do we draw the line? How many times must this man slap us in the face before the fact of his death-wish for us all sinks in? Just the fact that he couldn’t understand why his visit to Ground Zero would offend any Americans should send some red flags up for even the most dim.

The dhimmified-appeasers and seditious media are lining up to kiss this fella’s ring. What they don’t understand in their rush to be first to capitulate to the enemy is that they would be first in line for the Twelfth Imam’s gas chambers if the West were to ever fall. They, in their deluded liberal fog, refuse to see the mountains and mountains of murderous evidence against this man, his regime, his religion – evidence that proves if he isn’t the Anti-Christ, then he’s a high-ranking henchman, for sure.

Fausta has already told him to stick his wreath where the sun doesn’t shine. Siggy says (loudly, I’m sure), GARBAGE.

Good and evil are easy to distinguish when put side by side. It is when they are apart that the moral relativism begins- and it is when they are not side by side that we must be most vigilant and strong in our convictions, and our capacity to distinguish good from evil- and especially evil committed in the name of good.

I wonder just exactly what it would take alongside Ahmad-duh-wheres-my-dinner-jacket for a liberal to see the difference?

UPDATE: Breath of the Beast draws the parallel we all know in our heart of hearts:

When the world attended the 1936 Olympics in Berlin there was much the same kind of rationalization. It was thought that exposure to the Olympic ideals would somehow confront and change the Nazi regime. Of course, it was an idiotic charade in the end- Hitler wasn’t interested in ideals he only wanted to promote the next step in his conquest of the world. The “one-worlder” Olympic promoters couldn’t step back from their sincere but foolish belief that athletic competition could transcend fanaticism and so were turned into useful idiots.

Commenter GMRoper goes on to say:

The fools at Columbia University in general and Bollinger in particular are unwittingly (or perhaps not) advancing the access to one of the most, if not the most vile ideology present in the world today. Ahmadinejad will use this platform to advance the terror to be perpetrated on the human race.

Vile ideology….sound familiar?

UPDATE II: PajamasMedia is posting a round-up of A’s big trip to town. MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy echos my rant:

Exactly how far does one have to take moral relativism before it either becomes nihilism or there’s finally an awakening to reality?

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  1. September 18, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    […] will be nurtured and fed by others who feel the same! I’m sure Raul or Chavez or Putin or Ahmad-duh-wheres-my-dinner-jacket can fix you right […]


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