The Emperor Yawned

In the movie Amadeus, an aged Antonio Salieri sits in the sanitorium, giving his confession (really telling his life story) to an eager (and eventually bleary-eyed) young priest.

Herr Salieri was in the prime of his life; the Court Composer to the Hapsburg Emperor Joseph II. Esteemed, respected, beloved. He tells the priest of his utter distain for the upstart Mozart while secretly relishing the music he heard. He’d already turned his back on God, believing his punishment was complete. On a glorious night, he attended the premiere of Mozart’s latest opera, The Marriage of Figaro:

Salieri: l heard the music of true forgiveness filling the theatre…conferring on all who sat there perfect absolution.

God was singing through this little man…to all the world. Unstoppable.

Making my defeat more bitter with every passing bar.

And then…do you know what happened?

[The camera pans from Salieri’s box down to the Emperor, who sheepishly yawns, much to the satisfaction of the other courtiers sitted around him.]

A miracle!

With that yawn…l saw my defeat turn…into a victory.

Mozart was lucky The Emperor yawned only once.

Ahhhh Mozart. Funny how everything relates to Mozart. I’m sure if we tried hard enough, we could get the ‘7 Degrees to Kevin Bacon thing’ to work with even Mozart.

But back to the fiasco in NY. While on the surface, it appears that Bollinger may have redeemed himself (did he really mean it or was it out of fear of the constant baying from the “pull their funding” pack of rich alumni?) and Ahmad-whose-got-my-stupid-jacket said some things that left us all scratching our heads….

Did he think he was at a casting call for closet stand-ups? Maybe one of those stupid reality shows?

For the most part, no body thought it was funny. Especially these guys…

Who me?

Siggy picks our boy apart

Ahmadenijad’s absurd assertion that there are no gays in Iran just like saying there is no persecution of women, Jews, Bahai’s and Christians in that nation. His psychopathic remarks fly in the face of reality. If he can look at the audience at Columbia and shamelessly make such ridiculous remarks, to believe his other remarks speaks to the stupidity of those who find him credible.

Read the whole thing. And then look up the terms kitman and taqiyya. While he might have been playing the fool for the Western cameras, he very well might have been spouting the lies he’s expected to as his scripted part of The Ultimate Plan for Complete World Wide Domination. While we giggle, and like Salieri, we think it is divine intervention, is it? Really?

Either he is incredibly stupid and naive or extraordinarily evil and demonically slippery. Who’s to say he and his little circle of mullahs and the imam in the closet are not laughing at us?

UPDATE: Breath of the Beast sees the backside of Bollinger’s comments to the midget, as well.

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