The Lowest Common Denominator

Work demands and the seizure-sphere take up too much time and energy…why can’t I be independently wealthy? And while I’m at it, I’ll take 5 more inches taller and 50 pounds lighter! A personal trainer and a spa chef, a string quartet for an alarm clock and somebody to cut the grass without a mountain of nagging would be outstanding additions as well.

It seems to me that the media made the jump gate – but can’t find the beacon. No way out – lost in hyperspace. Grasping at every signal – hoping beyond hope that it’s the way home. But it never is.

For example, the President’s daughter gets engaged. Rather than celebrating her happiness, the media casts their murky shadow, looking for imaginary plots and schemes.

That’s right, there’s got to be something sinister and mendacious in Laura Bush’s 2005 prediction that Jenna and Henry were “not serious.” I mean, it’s not like true love can blossom in a courtship in two years. Not for someone that close to President Bush!

That’s right. Anything connected to George Bush is wicked and deceitful.

The media willfully misquotes our President to such an extent that it is shameful. The Anchoress says it best (as she always does!):

Even more troubling, in America, this very week, the president made a statement that – even hearing out-of-context – most immediately understood as metaphor, and some Americans still willfully misunderstood it to mean that Bush had declared Mandela dead at the hands of Saddam Hussein. I mean…are we talking about a willful suspension of disbelief, here, or a hate so strong some are willing to suspend their own intelligence? (”I want to believe he’s that stupid – they want me to believe he’s that stupid, so I will!”)

We’re surrounded by inauthenticity, it’s true, but what is staggering and frightening is that so many of us are so eagerly taking the fake and wrapping it around ourselves like a protective blanket, admitting phoniness into our reason and making it welcome. While it is happening on both sides, the “Bush said Hussein killed Nelson Mandela” truthiness idiocy is the most egregious example.

Even a middle-schooler getting their first taste of literature understands A METAPHOR. (Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.) Or maybe the media believes that all their viewers have the attention span of an MTV video. I once posted a comment on Gates of Vienna about a young man spewing hate. Dymphna said of this young man…

First of all, we don’t get many Jason-types on Gates of Vienna, though I know other conservative blogs are plagued with them. The vitriol and lack of coherence in these kinds of remarks always amazes me. People like Jason seem to break out in an angry rash when they run across something which lies outside their particular viewpoint or experience. The response is inevitably reactive, insulting and sneering.

Dumb it down; dumb it down to the lowest common denominator. Stupefy the masses so that they believe the sound bites are really news. “War is Peace. Love is Hate.” And everybody in the entire galaxy hates George Bush. How on earth can he sleep at night with all those hate beams burning into his brain? What a villian!

Fausta wrote about All Consuming Bush Hatred over the summer and how people are even making money from from BDS merchandise. Deranged Marketing 101.

But back to The Anchoress…she has a long and thoughtful post about Hillary and the election and a scary case of deja vu.

Had Ross Perot not run in 1992 it is unlikely Bill Clinton would have been president. I suspect the Democrats would like nothing better than to see a third party of conservative Christians siphon just enough votes away from the GOP to do the same for Hillary.

Read the whole thing and wonder why this happening. All the same moves, the same people even. Do The Clinton’s own all the Media? She readily admits now to helping start the biggest lefty smear blog around. Bragged about it, actually, to the nutroots. Does she hold the American people in such disdain that she thinks no one will notice? Does she really believe that all of America will elect her simply because they’ve been brainwashed to hate the man that protected them? And thus ensured they continued to enjoy their freedom to hate him for it?

This coming election is quickly becoming the most important election of our lifetime.

I have been loath to write about the ‘08 election because the campaigns began too soon. But it is not too early to say that I cannot recall a more urgent or important election in my lifetime. The ‘08 election is going to be the one that determines whether the America you love will be recognizable in twenty years. I know I’m not alone in thinking so.

The most election of our lifetime. And our children’s as well….

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