Then I Woke Up in This Alternate Universe…

After a week of too much work, well-blended with the sinus infection the size of Rhode Island, I woke up in this Alternate Universe.

The Goracle wins the Nobel A-Peacccce-Ment prize. What a load of hooey.

Ann Coulter opened her mouth again. I think she needs a long vacation.

My dearly beloved, special occasion CoCo Red may be on the endangered lipstick list soon.

South Florida (who?) comes out of nowhere and is now ranked #2. College football never ceases to entertain in such a way that the thugs of professional sports do NOT.

Sandy “Pants” Berger is back in business.

I’ll take another decongestant and go back to bed. Maybe when I get up tomorrow, it will have been just a long and very bad dream. And maybe Bobby will step out the shower….

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