Oops! Just Saw Your Gore-Gush!

Fasten your seat belts, folks, your wild ride is about to begin!

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on an NBC-owned station, the network is getting ready to bombard citizens with a weeklong manmade global warming propaganda blitzkrieg that’s destined to make Nobel Laureate Al Gore and his Norwegian sycophants smile like a polar bear that’s just bagged a juicy seal.

Rather than regurgitate, ad nauseum, the many awards and accolades the Goracle has amassed the last few weeks, let’s look instead at the seamy underbelly his little PowerPoint project.

At least in Britain, the little kiddies get a warning with their indoctrination. Never mind that scientists all over the planet are disagreeing with his findings. Primarily, those scientists that aren’t on his payroll yet. But Al is a snake-oil salesman, not a scientist. His grades prove that. Shoot, even I did better in science than he did. And science has always been my worse subject.

Speaking of the Nobel, remember Albert Schweitzer? Fausta waxes nostalgic for the days when you actually had to work for one.

Back in the olden days people like Albert Schweitzer, who was a medical doctor, a concert organist and a great humanitarian, won Nobel Peace Prizes. Schweitzer was also a theologian and a philosopher who believed that Western civilization was in decline for having abandoned the affirmation of life as its ethical foundation. He lived by his beliefs and spent most of his life working as a doctor in what is now Gabon, Africa.

Now you get a Nobel Prize for making a movie about yourself.

Siggy cracks open the GoreMassiveBrainPan and takes us on the three-hour tour.

What happens when you use 3 times the amount of energy than other Americans? You win a Nobel Prize!

Al Gore is hypocrite who flies around around in private jets and parks those jets in a remote corner of airports in the hope that no one will notice. He takes a limousine to within a block or two of his destination, gets out and pretends he’s walked.

And then he has the temerity to chastise Americans that they are screwing up the planet. Why on earth would anyone believe that Al Gore is even capable of telling the truth about anything?

Of course, Al Gore didn’t do it alone. He had plenty of help. The Hollywood glitterati, all hypocrites and energy hogs like himself, helped put together the documentary that won him the Nobel Prize.

It’s not as if the Hollywood glitterati would lie, right? Who else is at the fore when it comes to giving up their wasteful ways, massive and obscene energy consumption and excesses?

Now he says he’ll donate his share of the cash prize … Who’s to say he doesn’t have some kind of interest in this outfit? Do a search on purchasing carbon-offsets and you’ll see what I mean!

It’s all just a lowdown, slimeball swindle – Enough! Enough! Off with his head!

I’m off to retreat this weekend. And I will definitely do everything in my power to increase my carbon footprint in them thar hills!

UPDATE: Exactly.

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