24 version 7.0

The trailer for season 7 is up!

(h/t) Fausta

Let the BauerFest begin!

UPDATE: I thought I recognized one of those new faces….Jeff Nordling, who played Tom Burnett on the TV film Flight 93.

No Soup for You

Because sooner or later…soup is made from water. And since Georgia won’t have any water at all in a couple of months because all the politicians are acting like spoiled brats, we’ll all be eating red dirt. I wonder what the Soup Nazi would think of that?

Taking their cues from the morons that infest the Big House of Gub’mint , Georgia officials are calling press conferences and lobbing verbal bombs and lawsuits at their neighbors. (And FYI, I WAS in Alabama last weekend. I must say, the lakes and streams I saw were a little low, but still lovely.) I’m sorry, but how is all this posturing, tying up courts and lawyers and such, going to help us flush toilets tomorrow? If Al Gore would only show with his posse of GlobalWarmingAlarmistJihadistas, at least it would result in a little precip.

In our little county, the water Nazis are out in full force. If you are caught watering outside at ALL, your water is immediately cut off . Speaking of our little county, another local blogger, Andrew at Losing Georgia, keeps a great blog where he shows through pictures how rural Georgia, especially west of Atlanta, is being changed by over-development and forced urbanization. He has put together a series on the reserviors at Sweetwater Creek State Park. First look here to see what the waters of the park normally look like. Then look at Losing Georgia here ,here and here.

All this, just a mile from my house. Just the other day, driving home from work, I went through the park. I’ve been avoiding it lately – it is just too sad. There was a family standing in what would have been the middle of the lake, feeding a crowd of ducks and geese.

Please Lord, open your heavens and send us some rain!

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