The Circle of Life

Flint Hill Church, from Losing Georgia
In a weird way, life has a way of coming full circle. As a child, my family would trek from Jonesboro to Flint Hill Church in Douglas County for the family reunion of my grandparent’s siblings and distant relations. Being young, I had no idea of where we were – only that there long tables covered with fluttering tablecloths, groaning with food. I remember playing hide and seek in the cemetery with my cousins, what seemed like mobs of white-haired little old ladies and being shooed away from giant platters of fried chicken.

Now I live in the very same county I used to unknowingly visit as a child. Fourteen years ago, we moved here for the affordable housing, good schools, a reasonable commute and cows. Yes, you heard me. Cows. Where else could you see cows on your way to work? Rolling pastures, woods for miles, little cafes, two lane roads – the quiet ruralness of it all was comforting. I only wished it had lasted a little longer.

Losing Georgia noted the other day

“Douglas County has less greenspace per acre than metro Atlanta as a whole.” (Douglas Neighbor Newspaper cited)

While most studies are usually done with a hidden agenda, all you have to do is drive around this little county to see that this one hits close to home. Any space bigger than a sandbox is being dug up / paved over / built upon. Doesn’t matter there is an entirely empty shopping center down the street – let’s build another!

Lately, along with the spate of bad manners (and my readers know my opinions on manners – I’ve ranted enough about it here here, and here for starters) shown by everyone from the media to the clerk at the grocery store, there’s been a good deal of talk around the county – basically “What Happened?”. One day, we’re the little forgotten neighbor to the West, the next we’re just as over-developed and crime-ridden as the rest of Atlanta. So many factors go into making a community, for better or worse. How do city fathers navigate the tangled web of growth without ruining what attracts people to their town in the first place? When do you cross the line between building infrastructure to support residents and schools to the greed of development for the sake of expanding the tax base?

Greed, personified by The Ol’ Grinch himself, used to be a sin. Along with lying, cheating, stealing, killing… you get my drift. Nowadays, everything is acceptable. But think for a minute (just a short, little minute), of the story of The Grinch. Remember his surprise when – after he’d stolen all the toys from Whoville, the honkers and sqonkers and the Roast Beast – he heard the Who’s singing on Christmas morning? That he knew that Christmas (and therefore, ahem life) wasn’t about greed or avarice or envy? Remember, his heart grew three sizes that day. What a lesson….

I’m still waiting for the Grinch’s heart to grow here in DC.

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Life as a Psychotic Episode

Yes, I will admit I borrowed that phrase from Siggy’s post today – The Monster in the Mirror. There he discusses modernity and secularism and the deep Muslim suspicion of both. Suspicion based not on jealousy but on projection of their failure as a culture to mature into responsible world citizens. Projectile projecting of monumental proportions.

We can define modernity as the change brought about by self expression, higher education and modern economies that function efficiently and seamlessly. Ayatollah Khomeini resisted modernity, as do the Wahabbi Saudis, ostensibly for religious reasons. They reject modernity because modernity, like secularism, favors democracy. That said, Saudi religious ideologies are roundly rejected by countries like Morocco, Jordan, Egypt and even Syria.

The rejection of modernity also explains the indifference the Arab world has to education and functioning economies. Failed and dismal Arab world education levels and economies are of little and no concern to Arabs because education and functioning economies represent the reality of a real future. Recognizing and anticipating the future is an integral part of modernity. The future is a reality the Arab world has consciously rejected, by word and deed.

Healthy societies do not naturally reject the future and modernity. Every parent does what they can to address their children’s future and to ensure they the future well prepared. That is how society functions and perpetuates itself. Children are the future and it is incumbent on us to ensure their success. It is also incumbent upon us to do what we can to leave a better world for our children- a concept not at all understood in much of the Arab world, for decades led by dysfunctional political and religious leaders. How this dysfunction operates needs to be understood.

In fact, the Arab world has made clear their intent and desire to return to the past, and not have to face the future. Facing the future means the Arab world would have to be held accountable for their dysfunctional behavior that has made poverty and failure a part of the Arab world reality of today.

Children want to please their parents. What does it say about a society where a parent applauds a child’s bigotry, hate and violent tendencies? What does it say about a society where that bigotry, hate and violence are taught in schools? What does it say about a society where parents approve of such educational priorities, and then has those priorities reinforced by media and religious instruction? The tragedies of these dysfunctional societies cannot and will not be overcome easily. [emphasis admin]

Even food aid from the West is suspect. Better for the pregnant women to starve to death, than accept help from the kafir.

Cultures that praise destruction don’t put a lot of stock into virtues like integrity. For example, take the France2/Charles Enderlin/al Durah debacle. Breath of the Beast has posted his exhaustive research of the lies behind the curtain of lies in the court of lies under the dome of lies. BOTB commenter Nancy wisely notes:

Just as Nazi Germany used edited newsreel footage to motivate people to support their cause along with other media methods to present the Jewish people as the source of Germany’s economic woes, Western Media has become willing dupes to Palestinian propaganda. The carnage of innocents follows in the wake of what can only be classified as lazy journalistic practices where sources are not challenged because the story in the mind of the journalist is already written. The posted story always being that the United States and Israel are the instigators of unrest and death in the world and that every act of benevolence is seen as a duplicitous overturn of the cultural values of our recipients.

Indeed. Remember taqiyya is allowable. Any misrepresentation is allowed, if it advances the cause of Islam.

Since 9/11, it seems our very own media have taken this lesson quite to heart. Hillary’s camp, the self-absorbed posse that surrounds that most frightening of candidates, pronounces she was “the face of the Administration on foreign affairs” during her husband’s tenure. Ha! Will any MSM step up and dispute that? No…don’t bet on it. Once it’s out there, floating around in the space, it will magically become fact.

For another example, take a look at these veiled statues in Europe. Doubtless these subtle reminders of the slow descent of Europe into full-blown dhimmitude were brought about by their own media’s agenda to NOT report on the violence and destruction the jihadists left in their wake. Silly me, if they are too afraid to print cartoons , why should they print what is really happening in their countries?!?!?

Yes, I know, I go on and on. But this is the sickest yet and a true testiment to the ignorance, brutality and utter abandonment of logic that rules the Muslim culture.

A British teacher facing 40 lashes in Sudan over a school teddy bear named Muhammad will discover today whether she will be charged with blasphemy.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, is being questioned for a second day by police in Khartoum on suspicion of insulting Islam’s prophet for allowing her seven-year-old pupils to give the toy the name of the prophet.

This – has – got – to – STOP.

UPDATE: Fausta has an excellent post (again!) on why learning the language of the country you move to is so very important. Assimilating into your “new” society doesn’t mean you have to leave your heritage behind. Refusing to even try to belong just results in the continuing spiral of ignorance and poverty that so many come to America (or wherever) to escape.

Tuesday’s Edition – Hot Off the Press!

Fausta’s Carnival of Latin America was up yesterday. As usual, I am late.

Excuse me sir, is that a grenade in your burqua or are you just happy to see me? Then see comments on Fausta’s post about the same for lyric ideas.

The Anchoress is doing that You-kah-, U-ka-, Ukulele thing again.

Siggy has the perfect gift for this season. While you’re there, read his post about time-out chairs for grown-ups.

Closer to home…

Shooting at Arbor Place. My Mall. I WILL be shopping elsewhere this year.

Dawgs get no respect. Ever. Got your nightmare right here, buddy-o.

Here Comes Santa Claus! Our family goes over the river to worship in a different town than where we live. Last night, despite the rawness of the weather, the little town had it’s Christmas tree lighting. No news cameras, no protesters, no p-c foolishness. The police blocked off the two main city blocks, the choir and crowd sang carols, various town pastors and dignitaries had readings and the switch for the Christmas tree was thrown by the city’s longest tenured employee (a sweet and wizened old fellow who will retire in February with 45+ years of service). Then Santa made his grand entrance, on the top of a firetruck with lights and sirens blaring. Don’t believe the pundits or the media – the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

An Army of Midgets

The Baron over at Gates of Vienna has always been a “meeting place” of sorts for those of us who don’t want to see our daughters swathed in burqua black before we go for our reward.

Lately, GoV has been taking a lot of heat from other bloggers/commenters/lurkers who believe that only big traffic numbers and massive comment logs make you worthy to fight the fight against the Islamic Jihadist encroachment into American life. I’m truly glad these groupies have finally found something they believe in – but they are so blinded by their pride in belonging to something (anything, really), that they can’t see the forest for the trees. To fight something so insidious as the mindset that would blast us back to the 8th century takes more than one man or one blog site or even one nation.

What’s being overlooked is the enormous new network that has formed, and is still forming. I don’t know how many bloggers are involved — there are a lot of them — but their numbers collectively amount to far more than those of LGF in terms of traffic or comments.

Add in the forums and other types of websites, the members of political parties, activists, and ordinary folk who are involved but only lurk at the blogs, and the Counterjihad becomes huge.

[…] Something is happening out there in the dark that’s real and good and true, something that will make a difference. It can’t be seriously impeded by bloggers, journalists, or even politicians, because it arises from a source which is inherently unstoppable: the people themselves.

[…] Prominent people and politicians will be the last to climb aboard the Counterjihad because they are so attuned to conventional wisdom and received opinion. Their careers and reputations depend on it. They flee in terror from the accusations of “racism”, “xenophobia”, “Islamophobia”, and “neo-Nazism” flung so indiscriminately in all directions.

Journalists, political leaders, major academics, and CEOs of large corporations will not be among those who initiate dramatic change. They have too much to lose; their stake in the existing system is too great.

Real change does not occur in these circles. It starts out there in the dark and only moves into the light when it has become too large to escape notice. Then, without warning, the tipping point is reached, an alternative way of thinking arrives, and a new consensus forms.

In order to bring these changes about, thousands of unimportant people throughout the West will have to labor without recognition for years. It’s already happening: people are organizing in groups to stop the building of mosques, protest the Islamization of school textbooks, object to the separation of the sexes in public swimming pools, and insist on the enforcement of immigration laws. These efforts will continue, whether or not they obtain the Lizardoid Seal of Approval.

And CVF, along with innumerable other coordinating groups, will help bring these various networks together and keep them in communication. That’s our mission.

Trivial and tedious though these tasks may be, they are not without risk. Consider the example of Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist who decided to draw a picture of Mohammed as a roundabout dog. Such a small and innocuous act! But now he has a price on his head.

Someone asked him if drawing the Modoggies was worth dying for, and he said simply, “Yes, it is.”

We’re nothing special. We’re all nobodies. Our blogs are small, and nobody important reads them. We’ll never be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer or make the cover of Wired. We don’t get to hang out with the movers and shakers or ride first class on airplanes.


Even though we’re midgets, there are a lot of us.

We’re an army of midgets.

Shouldn’t Every Day be Thanksgiving?

As expected, the sermons this weekend were on gratitude, sprinkled with funny anecdotes about kids saying blessings, burnt birds and bittersweet memories. Some call these days the Holidays from Hell, and yes, sometimes they can be. Think of girlfriends meeting the-parents-of-the-object-of-desire for the first time, or a young bride making her first
Thanksgiving feast for the extended family, or those who are suddenly alone and sometimes lost due to sickness and/or death. No pressure here, buck up sweetie, and be cheerful and thankful, or else! And let’s not forget the 400 football games on all day – which to watch, when? We really need one of those big split screen TVs! In like what Christmas has become; Thanksgiving puts us on the never-ending hamster wheel of obnoxious, over-achieving, forced festivity.

A few days ago, The Anchoress wrote about the press’ gloom and doom:

Unfortunately, it is still true that until a new president is installed in the WH, preferably one with a D after the name, only the downsides are newsworthy, and that holds true in every subject. Every subject. My elderly family members are convinced that everything, everywhere, is going to hell, and they are fretful and terrified. They think everyone is out of work, the economy is in a recession, the war in Iraq is lost and there are no real terrorist threats – that’s just made-up stuff. They’re sure America is dying. They are sure the world is headed for famine. They are depressed and do not want to send out Christmas cards, because how can you do that when so much is bad in the world?

If you ask them to look around and wonder how people are buying tiny houses in Queens for a million dollars – while everyone is working, their neighbors are expanding their homes, new businesses are being constructed – if you point out that the the stores and restaurants are crowded – if you ask them how it is that France and Germany have elected America-friendly leaders who are making it a point to work with the unanimously hated President Bush…it does not compute; everything is bad. “All I know,” they say, “is what I hear, and it sounds like the world is going to come to an end soon, because how can it keep going? There is going to be a depression and nuclear war! The oceans are going to cover the whole coast! Everything is going to be lost! Little children are being allowed to get sick and die! Here! In America!” And of course, “everything about Iraq is bad. There is nothing good.”

All they know, you see, is what they hear.

The table this year will be fraught with frightened elders – who trusted the media for years to bring them the truth – believing the end is near.

Along the same vein, Fausta notes that as more and more scientists stand against the Global Warming Hooey Scam of All Time, the collusive press turns up the heat (no pun intended!). Still not enough mindless lemmings in the believer’s queue? Let’s scare them even more!

Also at Fausta, in the latest Carnival of Latin America are many instances of the same dark shadow. Even there people fight against oppression and genocide. But you’ll never hear about it in the media. But at least they reported that another world leader told Chavez to SHUT UP. Maybe this little bug is reaching his expiration date.

It’s sooo easy to be distracted by tin cup dic-tators and all the world’s woes. That’s what the business of scare-mongering is all about. The press has lost it’s way when it’s only function is to serve as a mouthpiece for power-hungry politicos and blood-thirsty dogmas determined to overthrow America. No wonder our seniors are so worried…they faced down Hitler with a steel-spined resolve bolstered by their faith that fighting evil was the right thing to do; not only for the good of America, but for the good of the world. Freedom has always had a price.

A story from last night’s sermon illustrates perfectly the entitlement mindset that Democrats and liberals have hoodwinked many into believing, and thus hang their election hopes on.

A neighbor (say her name is Mary) sees her other neighbor (say her name is Nancy) and decides to make her a pie. She bakes a lovely pie the next day and takes it next door. Nancy is overwhelmed that her neighbor would be so thoughtful and thanks her profusely. The next week, Mary makes her another pie. When she takes it over, Nancy thanks her again, but with less enthusiasm. The next week, Mary makes her another pie. When she takes it over, Nancy just says “Thanks.” The next week, Mary makes her another pie. When she takes it over, Nancy says, “Thanks, and you’re a day late this time.” The next week, Mary makes her another pie. When she takes it over, Nancy says “Thanks, but next time, can you make a cherry pie instead of apple? I’m getting tired of apple.” The next week, Mary makes her another pie. When she takes it over, Nancy says “You know, if you put a little less sugar in the crust and didn’t handle it so long, the crust wouldn’t be tough.” The next week, Mary has lots to do and forgets to make her pie. When she walked by Nancy’s house, she stuck her head out the door and yelled, “Hey! Where’s my pie?”

How quickly gratitude turns into a jaded sense of entitlement.

Ok, what’s the point of this rant? Thanksgiving is one of our only truly American traditions. Sure, some people call it “the hateful, racist, you-stole-our-country holiday”, because after all the First Amendment protects everyone’s axe and their right to grind it. And sure, the holiday has been bent and twisted to suit marketeers and cooking shows. I can really do without the mini-bundt cakes with festive fall nosegays at each place setting that tie into the theme of….

Why don’t we go back to the original idea? Simple people, pioneers really, expressing their pure and heartfelt gratitude for not starving to death over the harsh winter, not being killed by hostiles (regardless of their native inhabitant status – remember other European countries coveted this land and were willing to kill in God’s name to take it) or mysterious disease, and sharing what food they had with those that would share it with them. A humble heartfelt thanksgiving. Not a holiday, but a state of mind.

Shouldn’t that be our prayer every day?

Stop the Crescent Memorial!

Join the blogburst – I sent my email, did you?

The full text (with pictures) and email addresses are over at GM Roper.

If you haven’t heard (and you won’t if you base your news on the pathetic, politically biased MSM), the proposed Memorial to Flight 93 is shaped like an Islamic Crescent and faces Mecca. Who’s to be memorialized here? The innocent victims or the maniacal murderers?

Secretary Kempthorne’s phone number is 202-208-7351.

Hon. Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of Interior
Office of the Secretary
Rm. 6156, ms7229-MIB
1849 C St, NW
Washington, DC 20240-0001

The Tuesday Twonkizoids

If your kid goes to a government school, you already know that morals, values, ethics, abstinence, critical thinking/writing and your own personal version of how the Earth was created are all subjects that you’ll have to teach them yourself. Now we can add another to that list – patriotism. Via PJM

Veterans Day came and went without even a mention at some schools. Nelson Guirado, a teacher and a parent, bemoans the fact that the only things our children seem to be learning about America is that it’s a “land filled with racism, prejudice, and unfairness.”

Related: No turkey for you – you stole our country.

As the writer’s strike continues and even more jump on the bandwagon, opportunities await. I’m not talking about bloggers that aspire
to print or network gigs. My hope is that more people will begin to get their news from alternate (read – less or non-biased) sources. The truth – unfiltered. Imagine that!

If an Iranian told a lie in the woods, and there were no striking writers to spin it, is he still a liar?

Squatter’s Rights only work if you’re a Democrat.

Hillary whines on the playground – don’t pick on me, or else.

…We’ll have to watch, now, to see if Blitzer follows orders and tiptoes around Mrs. Clinton, or if the Clintons have finally overplayed their hand and the press hits back.

Either way, Clinton has set the press up to look bad. If Blitzer kowtows to Hillary, he will be ruined as a “wuss.” If he treats her like the other candidates (which is all Russert did) he will be denounced as “mean, spiteful,” etc. Another bad man.

She is a creature of the press’ own making. They can unmake her too. If they dare.

She wants to tell you what to think, instead of what she thinks. Now really….does she think? Or does her expansive staff do that for her, too?

Snort Worthy

Put down your coffee, folks, this one is Snort Worthy.
Newsweek Taps Kos Founder, Markos “screw em” Moulitsas to Cover Presidential Election…


Yeppers, “We have always sought to represent a diversity of views in Newsweek…”

Let’s see – Left, sorta Left, really Left, so far Left it’s now West, so far Left you’ve now done a 360 and you’re back where you started from, Liberal, Moderately Liberal, Slightly Liberal, Conditionally Liberal, Severely Liberal, Despotically Liberal, Moonbat Liberal, Nutjob Liberal, Code Pink Liberal, Chavez-lovin’ Liberal…

Oh, Puuuuuhleeeze, stop it, I can’t breathe!

Well, It’s About Time

Why won’t you shut up?

Somebody told that blow-hard to shut-up. Fausta has the goods….

Quoting the Investor’s Business Daily,

Spain’s King Juan Carlos delivered the repartee heard ’round the world Saturday by ordering Venezuela’s abusive dictator to “shut up” at a summit. Drawing the line there may mark a turning point.
That’s because Spain isn’t just any country, and its monarch isn’t just any figurehead. In asking “why don’t you shut up” to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Juan Carlos signaled that time has run out on democracies’ tolerance of anything a boorish dictator seeking to dominate the region can dish out.

That’s no small thing. Chavez’s manners reflect his leadership. At the Ibero-American summit of Spain, Portugal and their former colonies in the Americas in Santiago, Chile, he unloaded a raft of loutish insults. Meanwhile, Venezuelans rioted in the streets back home over his ongoing domestic power grab.

Waltzing into Chile, Chavez began by provoking his host country, saying it should give up land for his ally Bolivia to give it sea access. At a separate rally, he announced that Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet, who maintains cordial relations with the U.S., was “sleeping with the devil.” At a plenary session, Chavez spoke for 26 minutes instead of his allotted five — a Castro-like breach of etiquette.

[…] Not only does the smack-down from Spain’s beloved king undercut Chavez’s pretense of being a respectable democratic leader, it provides some first points of unity in Europe about how to deal with Chavez. Many western European nations now signal they’re getting tired of Chavez’s antics. The king expressed what many were thinking. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, recognizing how badly Chavez had blundered, leapt to his defense with damage control.

[…] The Spanish king’s smack-down may have other reverberations.

For one, it sets a precedent. From now on, it will be easier for anyone to rebuke Chavez next time he starts talking out of turn or steps beyond democratic norms. He no longer will get away without comment when he abuses democracy of any kind.

That may lead to less pretense among real democracies that Chavez is a legitimate leader and then some hard questions about why this lout is considered the leader of a democracy like any other.

Ultimately, it may lead to questions about whether he really belongs in power. The answer is, he doesn’t, and it’s an impressive irony that it took a king to say it.

I just love that banner. In fact, it gives me an idea. Let’s start an Internet Banner of “Why Don’t You Shut Up?” in all different languages. Like those banners at Christmas with “Merry Christmas” and “Feliz Navidad”. Add your phrase down in the comments… And keep it clean, please.

I’ll start – in Italian –

Stai zitto!

And here it is in Irish –

Bí i do thost!

Meanwhile, HotAir has the video. My spanish is a little better than Bryan’s, but not by much. But you can get the gist of it just by watching the body language. In other words, shut your trap, you little weasel.

Webutante says Muchas Gracias!

Previously: The Red Hat Society, Little Ears, Oh My, What a Smell of Sulfur

Everyone is a lovely shade of beige…

Honestly, I can’t make this stuff up. A Phoenix, AZ radio station has accused local police of racism when they described a wanted rapist as “Hispanic.”

Is it really a racist thing when we are given a generalized description of a wanted criminal’s race or is it just good police work? It would seem to anyone with an ounce of sense that the later is the answer here. After all, if police are looking for a white Ford Bronco, should the police report describe the auto in oblique terms? (Such as calling the vehicle a “somewhat colorless, large American car that could be thought of as a sport utility vehicle, not that we are impugning all SUVs.”) Or should the police just say it is a white Ford Bronco? Which one would more easily get the public to lend assistance with finding the vehicle?

Really, you need to read the whole thing.

Fausta has her latest Latin Amercian Festival up
– and she kicks it off with the King of Spain telling little Hugo to SHUT UP. Outstanding…!

More Drought Pictures

The turf is so dead at our soccer fields that yesterday’s game stirred up dust clouds in the setting sun. We were all reminded of Pig Pen. The dancing wisps of dust just followed the boys around the entire game.

The AJC posted an article this weekend on the drought in Douglas County (h/t Losing Georgia). Included is an eerie slide show. A few weeks ago I posted on a state park close to my home, Sweetwater Creek.

A picture is worth a thousand words. These days, I wish it was worth a thousand gallons of water.

Awards in Perpetuity

Yaacov ben Moshe, author of Breath of the Beast has launched The Useful Media of the Week Award. Those of us who blog know the inane two-faced agenda of the MSM like the back of our hand. Go take a look – as usual – he does homework above and beyond in making his case. He’ll be busy handing these out for a long, long time.

I nominate Christiane Amanpour for a Lifetime Achievement Award. When it’s time, of course.

The GaTech Chemical Explosion OR Just Another Day at the Trade School

It’s never a dull day down here at the Trade School (GaTech, for those that don’t live in GA). Students everywhere, traffic everywhere. Working on a college campus can be exciting at times. Take today for example….

Over the summer, it became pretty passé as someone over at Paper Sciences was always spilling something. Kinda like the boy who cried WOLF, but this was more like “Oops, sorry sir, but I burned a hole in the floor.” So today began like any other.

But then a chemical spill and resulting explosion on campus this time brought the haz-mat guys, the news geeks, the helicopters. It turned into a circus pretty fast. WXIA gets closest to what happened:

The spill was reported inside the Environmental Science and Technology Building on Ferst Drive, which was evacuated. One minor injury was reported.

[…] A hazardous materials team suited up to make a safe entry into the second floor lab, where the spill originated.

Fire officials said they believe three chemicals in all spilled inside the building, sparking the small blast.

I was returning to campus after having lunch with a friend when we saw large swarms of students streaming down the streets like ants abandoning ship. After VT, GaTech rolled out an emergency notification system for students/faculty/staff. Today it worked. Like beepers going off at a presidential press conference, everyone’s cell phone started ringing. And ringing. And ringing. And ringing. It worked so well, in fact, that many of the students went home. Evacuate the campus? Sweet dude, let’s hit the pub.

If you’ve never been to GaTech, it’s worth a look. The campus has that eclectic, “Architecturally Diverse” look. I will say the Old Campus is quite quaint. Not as lovely (or as old) as UGA’s North Campus – nothing is prettier than that. But did you know, the Tech Tower used to have a twin? Guess what….it burned down in 1892.


Who needs MSM when you have Michael Yon?

St. John’s / Baghdad

Rejoice and be Glad!

I photographed men and women, both Christians and Muslims, placing a cross atop the St. John’s Church in Baghdad. They had taken the cross from storage and a man washed it before carrying it up to the dome. A Muslim man had invited the American soldiers from “Chosen” Company 2-12 Cavalry to the church, where I videotaped as Muslims and Christians worked and rejoiced at the reopening of St John’s, an occasion all viewed as a sign of hope.

Read Confederate Yankee for the whole story…

UPDATE: The Anchoress observes…

What I see in this picture is something more than a historic moment – I don’t even know if that’s what we should call it – I see the sort of thing people do when they are neighbors, when they are working together for their neighborhood, for the good of all who live there, and that makes it seem less “historic” than calmly, wonderfully normal, ordinary, wholesome and sane. I see tolerance, which so many are so certain cannot exist in Iraq – or anywhere in the Middle East. Tolerance in the best sense of the word – converting no one, insisting on nothing beyond ordinary acceptance; tolerance that gives people room to live their lives.


Bono, Bibles and the De-Britification of Britain

Sometimes, it is amazing the amount of work you can crank out when you’re flying on decongestants. Up/down/up/down/up. Now I know how poor Judy Garland felt. But at least she got to be glamorous at her job. Here, people wonder if you have an interview when you show up in something other than jeans.

Rockstars tend to make me a bit squeamish, at least when they are not singing. (And no, we won’t get into that closet Aerosmith thing I have, so don’t go there.) All that money, partnered with little to no brain activity, is a dangerous combination. Imagine my surprise when Bono, the frontman for U2, actually gave an intelligent interview to Rolling Stone. And they printed it (even though surely it rubbed against their liberal grain)!

I want to be very, very clear, however: I understand and agree with the analysis of the problem. There is an imminent threat. It manifested itself on 9/11. It’s real and grave. It is as serious a threat as Stalinism and National Socialism were. Let’s not pretend it isn’t.

He gets it – but this song won’t get any play in the MSM, you can bet on that. It doesn’t fit their script.

But the Chinese don’t get it. They have banned Bibles for “security reasons” from the 2008 Olympic Games. Of course, the MSM is mum on this news. I wonder if they will break their promise of allowing religious services for visitors and athletes next. But, hey, you can bring your Koran. No security problem there! As The Colossus says, “The mask slips,” and we get to see the real monsters.

Fifty years of unfettered immigration is taking its toll on the British psyche. I could write for days on the rampant appeasement being pushed down the average Brit’s throat by moronic multi-culties. The gradual dismantlement of the Empire is like watching your favorite grandmother fade away in a slow and wasteful death. But this, this is the last straw. That bastion of all holidays, that most English of English traditions is now in the sights of the Mullah-wannabees. The British government has been handed a recommendation to “downgrade” Christmas. The study also recommended that Christian symbolism be removed from the Monarchy, Houses of Parliament and other government systems to foster “belonging.” Multicultural PC Hooey Run Amok. It’s enough to make you gag on your roast goose! Even Santa is not safe. No Christmas Pudding or Sugar Plums for you, fatso!

Not only does Christmas signify the birth of our Lord, the beginning of the New Covenant and hope for all mankind – it holds a special little place in everyone’s heart. That place where everyone is still a child. Where the smells and sounds can take us back in an instant to a simpler, happy time. Where just for a moment, the world is filled with wonder once again. Those sweet, pure, unpretentious memories connect us all in a way that no brain-washed from birth bomb-strapped Islamic radical could ever comprehend.

And you know Allah will have no part of that.

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