Georgia News, of sorts

The wafting of sewage competed with the smell of grilling burgers and sour-mash at Saturday’s UGA game. Perhaps the Big Dawgs That Make Big Decisions should have considered the age of Ol’ Odoriferous Sanford, before making such a decision. The 5-star rated Old Trafford, it ain’t.

Speaking of Athens, when we walked through the Tate Center, we noticed flyers for a Boortz appearance on Monday. He gave the students a dose of the real world outside the Arch and announced his favorites in the 2008 presidential race.

The Georgia Conscription begins. And the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Water Wars. Both the AJC and WSBRadio have special sections on
the Drought. Enough of the pointing fingers….just figure where to go from here!

OOO…Shiny Object…I’m still wondering if the Property Tax War is really a vast peach-wing conspiracy being waged to distract the short-attention spanned media from the Water Woes.

Where to watch the comet.

We like to eat down here. Really like to eat. Check out the 2007 Georgia Silver Spoon Awards. I’ve eaten at a lot of those places!

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