Snort Worthy

Put down your coffee, folks, this one is Snort Worthy.
Newsweek Taps Kos Founder, Markos “screw em” Moulitsas to Cover Presidential Election…


Yeppers, “We have always sought to represent a diversity of views in Newsweek…”

Let’s see – Left, sorta Left, really Left, so far Left it’s now West, so far Left you’ve now done a 360 and you’re back where you started from, Liberal, Moderately Liberal, Slightly Liberal, Conditionally Liberal, Severely Liberal, Despotically Liberal, Moonbat Liberal, Nutjob Liberal, Code Pink Liberal, Chavez-lovin’ Liberal…

Oh, Puuuuuhleeeze, stop it, I can’t breathe!

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  1. November 14, 2007 at 11:17 am

    […] jump on the bandwagon, opportunities await. I’m not talking about bloggers that aspire to print or network gigs. My hope is that more people will begin to get their news from alternate (read – less or […]


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