The Tuesday Twonkizoids

If your kid goes to a government school, you already know that morals, values, ethics, abstinence, critical thinking/writing and your own personal version of how the Earth was created are all subjects that you’ll have to teach them yourself. Now we can add another to that list – patriotism. Via PJM

Veterans Day came and went without even a mention at some schools. Nelson Guirado, a teacher and a parent, bemoans the fact that the only things our children seem to be learning about America is that it’s a “land filled with racism, prejudice, and unfairness.”

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As the writer’s strike continues and even more jump on the bandwagon, opportunities await. I’m not talking about bloggers that aspire
to print or network gigs. My hope is that more people will begin to get their news from alternate (read – less or non-biased) sources. The truth – unfiltered. Imagine that!

If an Iranian told a lie in the woods, and there were no striking writers to spin it, is he still a liar?

Squatter’s Rights only work if you’re a Democrat.

Hillary whines on the playground – don’t pick on me, or else.

…We’ll have to watch, now, to see if Blitzer follows orders and tiptoes around Mrs. Clinton, or if the Clintons have finally overplayed their hand and the press hits back.

Either way, Clinton has set the press up to look bad. If Blitzer kowtows to Hillary, he will be ruined as a “wuss.” If he treats her like the other candidates (which is all Russert did) he will be denounced as “mean, spiteful,” etc. Another bad man.

She is a creature of the press’ own making. They can unmake her too. If they dare.

She wants to tell you what to think, instead of what she thinks. Now really….does she think? Or does her expansive staff do that for her, too?

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  1. Fausta said,

    November 18, 2007 at 10:21 am

    Or does her expansive staff do that for her, too?
    I think you’re on to something…


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