Life as a Psychotic Episode

Yes, I will admit I borrowed that phrase from Siggy’s post today – The Monster in the Mirror. There he discusses modernity and secularism and the deep Muslim suspicion of both. Suspicion based not on jealousy but on projection of their failure as a culture to mature into responsible world citizens. Projectile projecting of monumental proportions.

We can define modernity as the change brought about by self expression, higher education and modern economies that function efficiently and seamlessly. Ayatollah Khomeini resisted modernity, as do the Wahabbi Saudis, ostensibly for religious reasons. They reject modernity because modernity, like secularism, favors democracy. That said, Saudi religious ideologies are roundly rejected by countries like Morocco, Jordan, Egypt and even Syria.

The rejection of modernity also explains the indifference the Arab world has to education and functioning economies. Failed and dismal Arab world education levels and economies are of little and no concern to Arabs because education and functioning economies represent the reality of a real future. Recognizing and anticipating the future is an integral part of modernity. The future is a reality the Arab world has consciously rejected, by word and deed.

Healthy societies do not naturally reject the future and modernity. Every parent does what they can to address their children’s future and to ensure they the future well prepared. That is how society functions and perpetuates itself. Children are the future and it is incumbent on us to ensure their success. It is also incumbent upon us to do what we can to leave a better world for our children- a concept not at all understood in much of the Arab world, for decades led by dysfunctional political and religious leaders. How this dysfunction operates needs to be understood.

In fact, the Arab world has made clear their intent and desire to return to the past, and not have to face the future. Facing the future means the Arab world would have to be held accountable for their dysfunctional behavior that has made poverty and failure a part of the Arab world reality of today.

Children want to please their parents. What does it say about a society where a parent applauds a child’s bigotry, hate and violent tendencies? What does it say about a society where that bigotry, hate and violence are taught in schools? What does it say about a society where parents approve of such educational priorities, and then has those priorities reinforced by media and religious instruction? The tragedies of these dysfunctional societies cannot and will not be overcome easily. [emphasis admin]

Even food aid from the West is suspect. Better for the pregnant women to starve to death, than accept help from the kafir.

Cultures that praise destruction don’t put a lot of stock into virtues like integrity. For example, take the France2/Charles Enderlin/al Durah debacle. Breath of the Beast has posted his exhaustive research of the lies behind the curtain of lies in the court of lies under the dome of lies. BOTB commenter Nancy wisely notes:

Just as Nazi Germany used edited newsreel footage to motivate people to support their cause along with other media methods to present the Jewish people as the source of Germany’s economic woes, Western Media has become willing dupes to Palestinian propaganda. The carnage of innocents follows in the wake of what can only be classified as lazy journalistic practices where sources are not challenged because the story in the mind of the journalist is already written. The posted story always being that the United States and Israel are the instigators of unrest and death in the world and that every act of benevolence is seen as a duplicitous overturn of the cultural values of our recipients.

Indeed. Remember taqiyya is allowable. Any misrepresentation is allowed, if it advances the cause of Islam.

Since 9/11, it seems our very own media have taken this lesson quite to heart. Hillary’s camp, the self-absorbed posse that surrounds that most frightening of candidates, pronounces she was “the face of the Administration on foreign affairs” during her husband’s tenure. Ha! Will any MSM step up and dispute that? No…don’t bet on it. Once it’s out there, floating around in the space, it will magically become fact.

For another example, take a look at these veiled statues in Europe. Doubtless these subtle reminders of the slow descent of Europe into full-blown dhimmitude were brought about by their own media’s agenda to NOT report on the violence and destruction the jihadists left in their wake. Silly me, if they are too afraid to print cartoons , why should they print what is really happening in their countries?!?!?

Yes, I know, I go on and on. But this is the sickest yet and a true testiment to the ignorance, brutality and utter abandonment of logic that rules the Muslim culture.

A British teacher facing 40 lashes in Sudan over a school teddy bear named Muhammad will discover today whether she will be charged with blasphemy.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, is being questioned for a second day by police in Khartoum on suspicion of insulting Islam’s prophet for allowing her seven-year-old pupils to give the toy the name of the prophet.

This – has – got – to – STOP.

UPDATE: Fausta has an excellent post (again!) on why learning the language of the country you move to is so very important. Assimilating into your “new” society doesn’t mean you have to leave your heritage behind. Refusing to even try to belong just results in the continuing spiral of ignorance and poverty that so many come to America (or wherever) to escape.

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