Tuesday’s Edition – Hot Off the Press!

Fausta’s Carnival of Latin America was up yesterday. As usual, I am late.

Excuse me sir, is that a grenade in your burqua or are you just happy to see me? Then see comments on Fausta’s post about the same for lyric ideas.

The Anchoress is doing that You-kah-, U-ka-, Ukulele thing again.

Siggy has the perfect gift for this season. While you’re there, read his post about time-out chairs for grown-ups.

Closer to home…

Shooting at Arbor Place. My Mall. I WILL be shopping elsewhere this year.

Dawgs get no respect. Ever. Got your nightmare right here, buddy-o.

Here Comes Santa Claus! Our family goes over the river to worship in a different town than where we live. Last night, despite the rawness of the weather, the little town had it’s Christmas tree lighting. No news cameras, no protesters, no p-c foolishness. The police blocked off the two main city blocks, the choir and crowd sang carols, various town pastors and dignitaries had readings and the switch for the Christmas tree was thrown by the city’s longest tenured employee (a sweet and wizened old fellow who will retire in February with 45+ years of service). Then Santa made his grand entrance, on the top of a firetruck with lights and sirens blaring. Don’t believe the pundits or the media – the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well.


  1. Fausta said,

    November 27, 2007 at 10:29 am

    Thank you! And come take a look at the video of the bride. I know you’ll love it.


  2. November 1, 2008 at 7:09 am

    […] you look hard, and listen, you can still feel the Spririt of Christmas. I wrote earlier of a glimpse I had just a week or so ago… Here Comes Santa Claus! Our family goes over the river to worship in […]


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