Coffee Spittin’ Items of the Week

Yep folks, that’s right, put down yer liquids and hold on to yer hats, cuz here it comes!

Heisman, O Heisman. (For those not blessed with membership in the BullDawg Nation, it is a generally known fact that typical UF fans wear jeans shorts, shell necklaces and mullets. Really. I have pictures.)

Venezuelan Dick-Tator Wannabee is NOT a UF fan.

Is Hillary channelling Pat? More than one person has mentioned that this week.

What happens when both sides are on the Dark Side?

Evil Genius to spend holidays at home, because he didn’t make a bowl game. Wahhhh Wahhhh Waaahhhhhh

GaTech hopes Viagra will help.

Bill thinks Hill is “the most gifted person of our generation.” Gifted, ahem, exactly how does that work? Gerard has further, more cosmic, man, thoughts on those halcyon days of summer.

AJC’s headline. And they yell about journalistic integrity. I think they should start with a basic spell and grammar checker and go from there.

The real trouble with Mitt Romney.

And last, but definitely not least, the SC&A answer to Facebook and… and… really… it is so … I can’t breathe!

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  1. Fausta said,

    December 14, 2007 at 11:11 am

    GaTech hopes Viagra will help.

    Thanks for the link


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