Slain Georgia Hiker’s Killer Denied Bond

Damn Straight. The AJC reports the murderer of Meredith Emerson, 24, a UGA graduate, has been denied bond. Throw this weasel under the jail! While her family tries to pick up the pieces, the case begins to unfold like another episode of CSI.

Meanwhile a news report in Florida is connecting Hilton to the death of a Sunday school teacher there.

[…]Authorities revealed Tuesday that Emerson was not killed until Friday, three days after she disappeared while on a New Year’s Day hike with her dog on a trail in Vogel State Park.

Tuesday’s other news in the case:

• An autopsy performed by the GBI on Tuesday found Emerson suffered fatal injuries to the head before she was decapitated. The body was released to a funeral home in Athens on Tuesday night, GBI spokesman John Bankhead confirmed Wednesday morning.

I cannot even begin to imagine their grief. All my hopes and prayers are with them in the days to come. Stories like this send a chill through all of us with children, but with daughters especially.

Yesterday’s post was about Mark Steyn’s book America Alone. I was reading the section where he discusses the “re-primitivization” of man, especially through the following of Islam, when I heard the sobering news about this young woman’s last hours. Was he, this low-life murdering scum-bag, possibly infected with the viral sickness “Hot for Decapitation” that Mark discusses as being the latest rage? Maybe he, aforementioned murdering bottom feeder, would be interested in the same kind of just reward that a previous serial decapitator earned…


Siggy, that three-headed Magi with the nice leather couch, writes extensively about violence against women, violence against children, violence against whoever is standing at the corner, violence as mental illness, violence as dogma, violence for the sake of violence. All of it, senseless and faceless. Pick a post, any post, and be enlightened.

Dearest Meredith, Rest In Peace.

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