The Al Qaeda-Toronto-GaTech Express

It has been almost two years since this GaTech student was arrested on terrorism charges. More info comes to light:

During a hearing yesterday involving a motion to throw out the recorded interviews Ahmed gave to investigators, FBI Agent Mark Richards admitted for the first time in any public venue, through his testimony, that AHMED & SADEQUEE ”met with several of the 17 people charged in a June 2006 Canadian terrorism sweep.”

Granted, you haven’t heard much about this in the MSM. Michelle Malkin picked right up on it, but she was on the ball when the initial story hit in 2006. Ahmed lied to agents in his first interviews. According to the AJC:

“There is nothing to be worried about,” Ahmed said during a March 15, 2006, interview. “We are just stupid, childish. You know we did, yeah, stupid mistake. We went and took a video, but in reality it means nothing. You look at the video. The quality is so stupid, you know. It had nothing of value whatsoever.”

Purposeful lying…misinformation…sound familiar?

So much is being done to protect this great nation, all unseen and unsupported by a Congress more worried about cuisine than real legislation. Too bad the candidates spend their time sniping, slumming, groveling, posing for the cameras… instead of standing up and outlining how they plan to STOP the greatest threat to American freedom since the birth of this nation. Yeah, I know he’s not pretty, but at least he has a damned clue about what he believes and he’s not afraid to stand up for it and he doesn’t change his tune based on the lastest poll or audience du jour.

UPDATE: Amen, Sister! More

Still Under the Weather

I hate colds. Especially “sleep around” colds, that hop from nose to nose, completely lacking in good judgment or moral fiber. Just any nose will do. And as soon as the good times are over, they hop to the next nose. And they have no conscience when it comes to the damage caused by a rebound. Or two-timing, either.

Too bad the cold won’t end up in a back alley in a body bag for Grissom to process. That would be fine with me. Revenge is sweet.

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