And lots of it! It has been snowing for about 2 hours now… the accumulation out here, west of Atlanta, is much greater than other areas.

So beautiful to watch. The hapless weather geeks on TV have been saying for the last 1 hour that it will turn to rain momentarily. But it hasn’t. Heh. As (now) college girl grandly announced one day upon coming home from kindergarten, “Mommy, the weather man only guesses!”

It only snows here in Atlanta about once every 3-4 years, so enjoy it!

Redstate 3.0

RedState is blegging this week for funds to upgrade their site. If you can, help out. RedState is a “one-stop-shopping” type of site for conservatives. If you’re looking for conservative news/views then RedState is the place to go! As Dymphna says…

I think it’s worth donating to, mainly because there are no George Soroses waiting in the wings to give the big bucks to conservative websites. Historically, it has been individual donations that keep the Right going, while the Left can be assured of the unions, Hollywood, Silicon Valley (including good ol’ Bill Gates).

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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