Friday Furrrrrrballs

Yeah, I know. Still sick, but better. General ennui engulfs me.

More snow on the way. I can’t remember the last time it snowed twice in one year in Atlanta, much less twice in the same WEEK.

Fausta had a hilarious roundup the other day. Just don’t bid on that couch.

Pretty much anything Gerard says. Especially about Olbermann.

Lewinsky. That name will never be the same….

Who knew Der Fuhrer was a Cowboys fan? (SERIOUS content warning)

Okie hands out another award.

Washington is not the only place where the House of Representatives is clueless. Next thing you know, they’ll be changin’ the food in the commissary.

I wonder if new boobs come with extended warranties. You know, like TVs and dishwashers and cars and such.

And pure silliness, shamelessly ripped off from Siggy

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