Rats and The Gag Reflex

MLK Day, again, brings out the shriekers. The Dream of a color-blind world is lost in the “sorry national burlesque in which ovaries and melanin are all but exit poll determinants”. This year’s cause to cram down our throats is Open Borders.

Gag. Just gag.

With two weeks to go before Super Tuesday, the nauseating posturing continues. After a year of this crap, no wonder everyone is confused and both parties can’t get their acts together. Reminds me of a room full of toddlers who haven’t gotten their naps. Even the ESPN gasbags are getting into the act.

Speaking of gasbags, Fausta has an interesting link in her weekly festival of Latin America. There we find out that Chavez ADMITS to chewing coca daily. Before the National Assembly. On CAMERA.

”It is another symptom that [Chávez] has totally lost the concept of limits,” said Aníbal Romero, a political scientist with the Caracas Metropolitan University. “It shows Chávez is a man out of control.”

More seriously, Venezuelan and Bolivian analysts said Chávez’s comments amount to a dangerous endorsement of a substance controlled around the world, and perhaps even an illegal act by a very public head of state.

”If he is affirming that he consumes coca paste, he is admitting that he is consuming a substance that is illegal in Bolivia as well as Venezuela,” said Hernán Maldonado, a Bolivian analyst living in Miami. ”Plus, it’s an accusation that Evo Morales is a narco-trafficker” for sending him the paste.

And we just THOUGHT he was crazy. And sweaty.

More gaggable info from Fausta: The NYT continues it’s downward spiral by publishing a glowing testimonial to FGM, complete with pictures of the happy butchers set up in an elementary classroom.

Who exactly are the barbarians here? Those who genitally mutilate their daughters or those who deem the atrocity as something of a soft core “tradition” to be “enjoyed” at Sunday brunch? (Phyllis Chester)

All the same, the NYT has now slipped from moral equivalence, dhimmitude and political correctness into embracing child abuse and misogyny.

The author, Sara Corbett, is evidently known for other NYT less-than-factual articles. That pesky fact-checking thing again. Can’t waste any time on that, now, can we?

And people wonder why polls like this aren’t reported on by MSM. Why publicize your own obituary when it doesn’t fit into your agenda of taking over the world?

UPDATE: Neo is dishing on the NYT as well.

UPDATE II: Read Steve Boriss’ outstanding essay on racism at PJM.

…after the New Media has replaced the Old Media, we will look back and conclude that the economic inequality between blacks and whites really was largely caused by racism all along — the kind that the mainstream media induces.

For decades, they have been sending the message to the black community that they could not succeed on their own. When they stop getting that message, perhaps society will move closer to the colorblindness dreamed of by Martin Luther King, Jr.

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