Dang, That’s Funny

Via HotAir, I present Jerry O’Connell’s parody of that weird Tom Cruise Scientology video (here is the YouTube version)

(UPDATE: Well YouTube yanked the video, so here’s another version – hope it works.)

Dang, that is funny. He’s got the laugh down, too, doesn’t he? Kinda like the evil villain laugh, but after a hit or two of helium.

Ya know, I once had an idea for an invention … inspired by Tom Cruise, no less.

While we’re on the subject of vaporous science, I’d like to tout my next new invention idea. (Aside: I had the idea on Memorial Day, while I was trying to watch war movies about real American Heroes on AMC. Every dang commercial was for The Last Samurai – Tom’s Cruise’s greasy hair blowing in the wind, like a midget Fabian in a shabby Power Ranger suit.) It’s a TV remote you can program to blank out particularly offensive images. Like Tom Cruise.

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