None of the Above

How I wish that was an option on next week’s primary ballot. Tired of the smears, the back-stabbing, the negative ads? The postering, the flip-flopping, the outright lies? So am I. And it is a looooong time until November.

Basically, it will be a painful process of elimination, until the “lesser of the evils” is the last one standing next Tuesday. Even then, there is little hope that that candidate will be the standard bearer in the fall.

Who will stand up and say “The Appeasement Ends Here?”. Fausta notes the latest terror plot against Spain was thwarted. Despite Spain’s appeasement (remember the subway bombings that swayed their elections?), they are still targets. And so are we….

Or maybe the question should be “Which candidate will fight dhimmitude tooth and nail?” My, My, My. That should narrow it down a good bit.

Siggy has a wonderful post up on the oxymoron of Leftist Morality.

The center of conservative ideology revolves around morality and ideas. Behavior, responsibility and accountability are the foundations of society. Conservative ideology is clear: We exist not to replace or destroy our past, but rather to improve and build upon what has preceded us. That process improves not only society, but the individual as well.

The center of leftist (as opposed to classical liberal) ideology revolves around wealth- or rather, the redistribution of wealth. As far as leftists are concerned, responsibility and accountability are one way street. Government and the approved ideologues are responsible and to held accountable for the redistribution of wealth.

P.S. Be sure to read Fausta’s Latin American Carnival today – especially the ones about the food shortages. Brought on by Leftist regimes. Stock up now, because we’re not that far away ….

UPDATE: Hmmm, a possible solution?

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  1. January 31, 2008 at 8:55 am

    […] me started was a co-worker dropping by for a chat – and asking who I was going to vote for. I said “None of the Above”. I’m just not sure. And talking politics at work, especially in academia, can be dangerous. […]


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