Electile Dysfunction

Electile Dysfunction: “The inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008 election year.” (The estimable Vanderleun.)

Why, suddenly after the Florida Primary, are people losing their minds? One state, no matter how shiny, does not a nomination make. What is NEXT Tuesday; chopped liver? It is the closest to a national primary that you can get. Maybe After Next Tuesday, we will have a better idea as to just how slim the pickings will really be.

What got me started was a co-worker dropping by for a chat – and asking who I was going to vote for. I said “None of the Above”. I’m just not sure. And talking politics at work, especially in academia, can be dangerous. The two of us are the lone conservatives for miles.

The Democratic side was handled in short order. Hillary. Egad. Ick. She and Bubba are co-dependant media whores. NO x 2. (Queue the cackle.) Obama. No substance. Little experience. Good speaker, sometimes, but JFK he ain’t. Early Muslim education (we’ll discuss that later). Edwards was never serious, he just wanted more camera time. The rest are all just dust in the wind.

We talked through the GOP options – since Fred is gone (sigh) – realizing it is basically a process of elimination to the less of all the evils. McCain. Good Lord, he already looks like a corpse. No tellin’ what 4 years in the White House would do to him. If he survived it at all. Closet liberal (“…reach across the aisle…”). Flip-flops a lot. Sneers a lot. Co-authored legislation with Feingold/Kennedy – well, there you go. Ixnay on the ottenray. Huckabee reminds me of a carnival barker. Or an shady evangelist who absconds with the offering in the dark of night. Paul – sorry, I’m not nuts, even though my kids say so. Giuliani. Well, maybe. We’re getting warmer. Besides the 9/11 aftermath, and reducing crime in NYC, he showed the intestinal fortitude when it really mattered. Some people/media dislike him intensely – he wears it like a badge of honor. And the NYT hates him – that’s an endorsement in my book. His character flaws (i.e., infidelity) don’t seem to glare as much as for some others. Since when have we elected presidents on their ability to keep their britches zipped up? Giuliani passes the gut check but now I hear rumors he’s thinking of dropping out he’s out as well. That leaves Romney. While I disagree with the tenets of his religion, I would fight to my last breath his right to believe whatever he wants. On the economy, he’s got some good (non-government) experience, but does he have what it will take to push the button for Lake Tehran? Or does he have the steely brinksmanship to make them think he will? It will come down to that, sooner than any of us want to admit. But still, he’s like bland white-bread. And there is just something about him that creeps me out.

My, my, has politics changed at all?

The real litmus test is which one, out of all these bozos, is worthy to lick this man’s boots?

I’ll just do what I always do, decide when I’m in the booth, staring at the screen.

UPDATE: Just read Mark Levin’s bit at The Corner. Any questions?

UPDATE II: Fausta had a great roundup yesterday on voting/politics/other distractions.

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