Now I Know How Mimi Felt

A few centuries ago, at this point, I would surely have died from consumption.

So a round-up of sorts will just have to do. I don’t have the strength or the brain-power for anything else.

Fausta’s Carnival of Latin America was yesterday. Outstanding as ever. Don’t miss the Dancing Fidel.

GM Roper notes that scientists said the anti-missile system would never work. Ooops…guess they were wrong. Just like Global Warming, huh?

Captain Ed gets a tasty new gig. If The Anchoress is my blog-mother, and she says that Captain Ed is her blog-father, I guess that makes him my blog-grandfather. Cool.

Even though March Madness is quickly approaching, there are those of us who count the days the days until fall kick-off. Like Tony Barnhart of the AJC. By the way, that number is 180.

The Clayton County (Georgia) Board of Education, in answer to calls for “change” for “the good of the children”, install metal detectors at their office. Just how will that stop SACS from striping the county of their accreditation? How Victor Hill-ish. Next thing you know, there will be snipers on the roof. You know, just in case. I feel sorry for the futures of THOUSANDS of CHILDREN these few power-hungry adults are ruining.

And finally, don’t forget, Siggy loves to stay on top of the latest inventions.

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