Thank a Soldier for Your Freedom to be Stupid

Who this lady think she is? I don’t care if she is the Empress Dowager of the Left Coast Strawberry Commune and Bio-Fuel Station. Woody at GM Roper:

This young man may one day fight for the freedom of this anti-U.S. judge. That’s some appreciation she shows for someone willing to sacrifice his life to protect her. Shawn Sage seems like a good kid. He deserves better. The judge doesn’t.

Do you think that the judge and her defenders would express faux outrage if her patriotism was questioned? Well, I question it.

Well, so do I. Obviously, she’s forgotten her History 101. Or maybe she’s thinking of altering her judge’s robes into a burqua.

Michelle Malkin had a special report this week on how enlightened liberals continue to harass our military. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and dig in. Then take a couple of Rolaids, because it will make you sick. The Times Square bombing is just one in a very long line of attacks. These folks “…harbor nothing but raw hatred for the men and women who protect and defend their rights to bitch and moan.” (Michelle)

Perhaps they should check out this list on FoxNews…of all the terror plots that have been thwarted since 9/11.

I guess the looneys hate them, too, for saving their sorry a$$es.

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