Enough With the ‘Obama is the Anti-Christ” Emails Already, OK?

I don’t want to hear it. Stop it! Just because you disagree with someone, you shouldn’t call them names. Especially nasty names, like “Anti-Christ”.

Oh wait, this is American politics…….!

Rick Moran is glad the American election process takes sooooo long. Otherwise, how would we know who was the bigger fool? Obama is reaching the the pinnacle of lie-man-ship that previously was the exclusive domain of the Clintons. Who are freeloading again, by the way. Does anything ever change?

But back to Obama, for a minute. Three items caught my attention this weekend, that summarize the case against Obama very nicely.

1. Michelle Malkin – on the company “of the cloth” he keeps
2. Neo-neocon – on Obama’s wordsmithing talents, and
3. Gerard – well, just being Gerard (not suitable for work or small children!).

It is gonna be a verrrrrry long summer.

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