Oh Happy Day

A milestone passed this afternoon. College Girl gave her Junior Recital (and survived). After all the angst and the millions of phone calls and mishaps, it came off without a hitch. A lovely program that even included a tenor on one piece. She just glowed. I am still speechless. It’s difficult to look at your child and see the adult emerging. The personality, the talent, the poise, the wit. At times, I felt detached like I was at the ASO, listening to some flown-in virtuoso with an impossible name. Other times, she was my little girl. But one thing is for sure, she is definitely a horn diva.

Driving down towards the tropics and back, it was good to see GREEN leaves coming out. All the different shades, ranging from the yellows to the blues. Granted it wasn’t the 40 shades of green of the Emerald Isle, but it did my heart good to see Georgia greening up after a hard drought last year. Driving home, in the dusk, the blooming dogwoods looked like free-from ghosts in the forest.

A good day. A happy day. Definitely. And I didn’t cry.

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