Fun Factoid for the Birthday Boy

Today is my nephew’s birthday. Obi’s son and youngling learner. Born during the Master’s…. Ah…the Master’s… ah… the pollen. (Today’s pollen count in Atlanta is 3293. 120 is considered Extremely High. Heh.)

According to the Georgia Sports Blog, he is one of the “blessed children.”

…we all know that Mark Richt is 7-0 against Tech during his tenure as a head coach. Did you also realize that his nine wins at FSU as an assistant bring his career total as a coach to a healthy 16-0. (Don’t worry, I checked with Reggie Ball. So the math should be right.)

In other words, none of Richt’s children have ever lived in a world where their father has lost to Georgia Tech. All children should be so blessed.

Amen! Happy Birthday and Go Dawgs!

Stupidest Person in America

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy just nails Matt DeBord to the underpass.

If that drooling idiot were on fire, I wouldn’t spit on him to put it out.

Oh Sister! Just come and sit right here by me!

Really. I don’t make this stuff up…. I doubt Mr. Debord will ever dethrone the Supreme Stupidest Person in the World, but he’s definitely in the running.

And no, I haven’t started my treatment yet…

You Know Me, Little Miss Random

I have learned to put up with alot in my life so far, but seditious treason is not one of them.

Yesterday Pelosi, who I now consider an enemy of America, changed the voting timeline rule on trade pacts from 90 days to whenever.

This is the first time in history that Congress failed to approve a major trade pact.

Monica Showalter of Investor’s Business Daily yesterday afternoon describes why this is an evil move (yes, I am choosing my words carefully – it is an evil thing Pelosi has done)…

[…] Nancy Pelosi has covered herself in a cloak of shame and infamy. Unfortunately for us, everybody in the hemisphere will have to pay the consequences.

The message Pelosi has sent the world is that in America, the only superpower in the world, political squabbles take precedence over security interests.

So sad, when your compulsive BushHate drives all sense of logic from your feverish, liber-otomied brain. Nancy, you will be the FIRST one they will force the burqua on, don’t you see that? This is not some garden party, replete with Hermes scarves and finger sandwiches. This is a war, a very long war. And your continued stupid and selfish behavior is getting in the way. Time for you to step aside. Or be impeached.

The other day, I wrote a funny little bit about my favorite GasBag, Al Gore, that was picked up by American Digest (Thanks for the Vanderleun-a-lanche, Gerard!). So I’m pokin’ around my Dashboard….oh look, 3 people read it….oooo…now it’s 4…ooo…ooo. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but some referrals by a site called Gullible me, I click the link and nearly choke on my sweet tea! There’s ol’ Al, sitting in some lounge on a cruise ship, with that “Come Hither” look on his face, just waitin’ like a spider to spring into the 2008 race and save the country from sure doom and damnation. Dear heavens, it took me a while to get my breath. Go check it out, but put down any liquids first.

Gentle readers, in our time together you’ve come to learn that I have a pretty snarky vein especially when it comes to bad manners, the Trade School, politicians, village idiots and just general all-around buffoons (oops, there’s ol’ Al, again!) . Today you will be happy to know that I found the cure to my affliction (h/t Grouchy Old Cripple)


Now whether or not I’m a good patient, remains to be seen…..

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