Bob Barr wants your “Shiny Dimes”

Yeah, I know this is last week’s news…but I have a question.

Take a gander at Bob Barr’s announcement regarding his “exploratory committee” over at PeachPundit.

Then let me know if you think he looks just like Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of Jim Williams in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Is it just me? That just creeps me out. Especially if he starts asking for rainwater and shiny dimes…

Obama – The Great Divider

Queen Wahoo here. Amused Cynic has a great round-up on Snobamagate. Especially note the snark about Michelle O. being unhappy that hubby dear has surpassed her tally of stupid remarks. That is, ahem, if you’re keeping score.

This just gets more delicious by the day! And that doesn’t include the “Carter and Gore to join forces against Hillary” hilarity. Oh please, stop it! Politics and Wraslin’. I can’t breathe!

Really now….why worry about who will be the Democratic nominee? By the time the shredding is done, the last one standing will be disgraced, defaced and exhausted. And having to immediately face a rested, coherent McCain with bursting coffers should really make their day. Every day, in fact, all the way to November. (Here’s a shameless plug for the McCainBlogs weekend linkfest!. Everyone is having fun at Obama’s expense!)

I wonder how the Obamanistas are going to spin the fact that he has majorly tee’d off a majority of America? After all “…middle-class Middle America is populated with easily-swayed, unintelligent rubes.”

I\'m better than ANYONE else. Evah.

(h/t) MVRWC

Stay tuned, I don’t know about you, but I just can’t wait to hear what he has to say next!

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey at HotAir sums it up in his usual succinct way:

It would be difficult to be any more condescending or insulting in so many ways to so many voters in a single sentence. It reveals a deeply elitist and shockingly callow candidate. It’s the “Let them eat cake” of 2008.

Touché! As they say, read the whole thing!

UPDATE II: Ed again, this time on Newt!

(Newt) Not since Governor Dukakis have we seen anyone so out of touch with normal Americans.

(Ed) This distills the Obama viewpoint about middle America to its essence. He assumes that gun ownership, religious faith, and a desire to enforce border security grows out of a mental defect or simple petulance. He cannot understand any of it as deeply held values or beliefs because they are all so foreign to him. His cure is a huge, whopping dose of government intervention to replace all of it. That’s the hubris, the condescension, and the elitism rolled up into a precise point.

I guess in all those expensive schools he attended, he never bothered to study what drove the founding fathers to do what they did. Maybe he needs a good dose of homework!

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