A Different Mr. Carter Gets Some Respect

But it wasn’t from any American media outlet. You knew that.

Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, was interviewed on “Nzone Tonight,” a program on New Zealand television. (h/t Newsbusters – with embedded video) The show’s host, Allen Lee, treated his guest with respect and didn’t try to refute his position with name-calling or infantile posturing. Refreshing, huh? Professor Carter is one of a group of “climate realists,” who occupy the “middle road” of science relating to the Earth’s climate. They stress “balance” in their studies. Watch the video – very refreshing indeed. After noting the disturbing treatment of Dr. Fred Singer at the hands of ABC’s “World News”, Noel Sheppard in the Newsbusters article says

By contrast, Lee treated Carter with the respect any guest on a television show should be accorded, leading to an interview that can educate people on both sides of this controversial issue.

With this in mind, I challenge American television news outlets to reciprocate, and begin interviewing climate realists on the air, with courtesy and decorum, so that the citizenry can better understand all the intricate facets of the real science involved in this matter and not just the hysteria being advanced by Al Gore.

Bravo, Nzone. Bravo.

Bravo, indeed! If you watch the video, and you should, you’ll hear Mr. Carter talk about intimidation of scientists and the hysteria surrounding global warming. He says

“…which completely misses the point that the most dangerous sort of climate change is cooling. It happens that right at the moment the sun is in a part of its cycle that some reputable fellow physicists are predicting, we are probably heading to two decades or more of cooling. Possible even as much as was true of the Little Ice Age in Europe during the 14th to 19th centuries. If that happens it will have a terrificly negative effect on the food supply…”

He has a very valid point that scientists don’t try to stop earthquakes or tsunamis or volcanos or storms or other natural events; so why are they trying to tinker with the climate? Why don’t they try to “ADAPT” to the climate fluctuations like other natural phenomenas?

Sunspot Activity (via NASA)

Over at NASA, you’ll find an entire site dedicated to Solar Physics. There, in relatively plain English, the different methods of recording and predicting sun spot activity are outlined. Sure enough, you can see from the graph, we are at the end of the current sunspot cycle. On average, these cycles run about 11 years. Some scientists have expressed concern that the next cycle of sunspots is slow to start. Back in 2006, these scientists predicted a possible slow start but that by 2007, and no later than early 2008, the next cycle would be cranked up and fully functioning. Well, guess what. Still no sunspots. (By the way, you can check here daily for spots without burning up your retinas.)

The last time sunspots took a vacation was during the Little Ice Age. The time span included the exodus from extremely chilly Europe, the colonization of America and Australia and the American Revolution.

Washington Crossing the Delaware

In a nutshell – the good news is that the Global Warming hysteria will be disproved, we can throw those horrible light bulbs away and the cows can fart again. The bad news is that it will be much colder for a long time, there will be food shortages and we’ll have to watch Al Gore selling Polartec long-johns on some midnight infomercial. You know he’ll hitch his wagon to this as well; he can’t help himself.

I wonder which candidate will take this position as we get closer to November? (Shameless plug for McCain Weekend Linkfest here.) That sounds like a good subject for another post, another day. That is, if they all would state a position and stick with it.

In the meantime, I’m gonna cheer for sunspots every day!

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