Today Tomorrow Should be a Gas

Check out this good analysis by Clarence Claus at Race42008 on the top ten issues for American voters. Of course, the top issue was national security.

1. The fact that Republicans are more trusted on national security is good news for McCain since he has made it a key issue.

Tomorrow is a D-Day for both the Democratic candidates. Pass the popcorn, it should be a gas! Bill Bradley at PJM says

If Clinton fails to win big tomorrow in Pennsylvania, look for more big-time Dems to consolidate around Obama. Last Friday was a very telling day, with Southern Democratic icons Sam Nunn and David Boren — the former Georgia senator who ran the Senate Armed Services Committee and the former Oklahoma senator who ran the Senate Intelligence Committee — coming out for Obama. Along with liberal former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Oxford classmate when they were Rhodes Scholars together 40 years ago. And Hillary Clinton’s Yale Law classmate after that.

Like piranas in a tank.

Too Much Work, Not Enough Arms Deals

Yep, too much work today. Be sure to check out Fausta’s Latin American Carnival – she posts one every Monday. I guess Hugo is soooo proud of himself, since the Venezuela section is always the largest every week! Of particular interest are the links about Venezuela being the largest importer of arms in the WORLD and how Caracas is now more dangerous than Baghdad. Yep, you’ll have to read it yourself to see what I mean. I miss his little red hat. He should wear it again.

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