Why I LOVE Bruce

Bruce Willis on Letterman. (h/t GM Roper)

I especially liked the dead pan question….”Do you think there’s any money in politics?”

The Bitter with the Sweet

Well, not much has changed in too-much-work-land. First the SWEET.

Smoltzy gets his 3000th strike out.

Only five pitchers got to 3,000 strikeouts faster than Smoltz – Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Nolan Ryan, Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens – though it probably hasn’t felt that way to Smoltz. He got there after four elbow surgeries and a move from the rotation to the bullpen and back.

The Braves have a great tribute page up.

Now for the BITTER. David Pollack, all time favorite Bulldawg and the owner of the World’s Most Adorable Dimples, is considering retirement after a neck injury suffered two seasons ago with the Cinncinnati Bengals. According to the Bengal site, it is official now.

Oh. And The Circus continues

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