Take One for the Team, Please!

Last night, at my dad’s birthday celebration, we joked and teased the grandchildren about being conservative or liberal. Seems the only lefty-leaning one is College Girl. I guess that’s to be expected, since she is moving into her senior year of indoctrination. She’ll get over it once she’s graduated and working and sees the giant bite taxes takes out of that first check.

My dad basically said – They both should quit, for the good of the country.

Over the last months there has been calls for Clinton to step back for the good of the party. Now there are calls for Obama to withdraw, especially after the missteps of the last few weeks. I say they BOTH should step back and let the Democratic party heal itself from the divisive attacks that have ripped it apart. The bad behavior has reached heights previously unheard of. Besides the usual attacks on Republicans, they have turned on each other like pirana.

Chris Wilson at Slade (h/t Instapundit) has some excellent points:

But Hillary Clinton isn’t going to drop out. There simply isn’t a function in her assembly code for throwing in the towel.

Obama, on the other hand, is fully capable of it. And if he’s really serious about representing a new kind of politics, now is the time for him to prove it in the only meaningful way left. Moreover, were he to play it right, dropping out now nearly guarantees that he’ll be elected president in 2012. Here’s the roadmap:

Obama drops out next week, stating that although he could almost certainly win the nomination by fighting it out until the convention in August, he is simply not willing to drag the party through a battle that will cripple its chances against John McCain. He then pledges to help support Sen. Clinton in her bid—with full knowledge that she will not take him up on the offer.

In one stroke, Obama will regain his messiah creds by making the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the party. His followers will be furious. The mere mention of Clinton’s name will provoke unspeakable acts. They will abandon Clinton in numbers sufficient to hand McCain the election in November.

Interesting. He goes on…

Losing the presidency again after eight years of Bush will ruin the Democratic Party. It will become obvious that Clinton’s decision to stay in the race was the turning point in the election. The base will turn its wrath on party leaders like Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi, who failed to push Clinton out. Obama, as the de facto head of the party, will broker negotiations to install new leaders loyal to him.

While I would love to shake some reason into the liberal Left as much as the next guy; the collapse of either party would be disasterous for America. If the Democrats are truly the party of the people that they claim to be, they should request/force these two to close down their campaigns and throw their support behind a candidate that is ELECTABLE. Give the people a REAL choice. In the current world environment, where America is under attack both physically and philosophically, we need a president that has the ability to scare the pants off our many enemies, while simultaneously being gracious and diplomatic. I don’t see either of these as fitting the bill.

I don’t envy John McCain’s position now at all. To some it looks like a shew-in, but to me, it looks like a shark tank. He’s got enough problems. One wrong move, one misstep – and he’s just bait, like everybody else. But America is the one that loses.

To sum it up, they both should step down and take one for the team – Team America.

After all, it was my DAD’s idea. He should get the credit.

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