Carpetbaggers and Other Such Foolishness

The Other McCain takes high offense at “the arrogance of infernal Yankeedom” spewed by Michael Hirsch at Newsweek (h/t MVRWC). As usual those doing the spewing have never actually set foot in the South. Go home! But you knew that…

Anyone who has lived in both North and South can testify to the difference in manners. Southerners are, in general, more friendly and courteous. Visit any commercial establishment in the South — especially the small-town South — and you will be thoroughly sirred and ma’amed and thanked and pleased. While the small-town North lacks the pushy rudeness of Northern cities, even small-town Yankees are less outgoing, their courtesy more formal and less enthusiastic, than in the South.

Yet Hirsch calls the South “savage” and “unsophisticated” — quite true, if patriotism and courage are “savage,” and faith and honor are “unsophisticated.”

Such savages! We live in caves and eat raw meat cooked over fires. Ride our livestock to market and make our own spears. Does that mean I get to break out the Xena outfit? My husband would be happy with that. The most savageness anybody sees ’round these here parts is the fit I’m about to throw because Wee Highlander has deemed himself way too cool and above such mundane chores as cutting the grass. Cut the meadow, BEFORE it blooms, is my motto.

Now I don’t want to offend my dear pals in NY and NJ and other such parts that were considered sister states in the Original Thirteen, but this little weasel needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and given a thorough lesson in decorum with one of those Southern specialties – a privett switch. ‘Bout 18 inches long, ’bout a half inch thick. That oughta make an impression he won’t soon forget.

Which brings me to the next topic, one I’ve been loath to even bring up. This mess stirred up by Rev. “God D*$# America” Wright and Al “Kill the Cops” Sharpton. And where is Obama during all this? Hiding behind Michelle, because America is soooo mean? He “started the dialogue.” And has probably single-handedly set race relations in the US back 30 years. Now isn’t that something to be proud of? I thought he was on a mission to overcome racial tensions and heal our every wound. If he can’t control these two blowhard media whores – how do you think he’ll handle a pushy dictator or, heaven forbid, a nuclear crisis? Way to build the electorate’s confidence up there, Scooter.

UPDATE: Confederate Yankee hits the nail on the head.

A man of few accomplishments to support his rhetorical promises, no proven leadership skills, and a past, present, and future filled with radicals more interested in fighting America than fighting for it, Barack Obama is not a candidate America can trust.

UPDATE II: Over at GM’s Corner, Mr. Roper himself gives Rev. Wright the apology he so desperately demands from folks who mostly didn’t have anything to do with things that happened 200 years ago. But what’s a few centuries for a race-baitin’ politician wannabee?

Dear Reverend Wright,
I would like to take this time to offer to you, an esteemed preacher of the gospel my sincerest apology. I apologize for having been born white and for being related to other white folk. I apologize for my ancestors that owned slaves even if I don’t know of any. I apologize abjectly that African Blacks and African Muslims captured a number of other African Blacks and sold them into slavery. I apologize from the bottom of my heart that people that I didn’t know enslaved people that you didn’t know from a country that you have never lived in brought ancestors that you never met to a country that has given more people freedom to say the things that you like to say and give them the full backing of the constitution to say them. And I’m most sincerely sorry that you are such an idiot and such a bombastic stuffed shirt who has made so much money that you have chosen to live in the upper reaches of middleclassness.

GM Roper

There you go.

Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t sink any lower –

Bill Richardson, former DemWit presidential candidate, visited Hugo Chavez this weekend to ask for his “intervention” in hostage negotiations with FARC. A commenter at Fausta asks

when did Gov. Richardson decide the world needed another Jimmy Carter?

Gateway Pundit also has lots of links as well as pictures of the three hostages.

Fausta has even more in today’s Latin America Carnival.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Even for the anti-human-race party. Gov. Richardson must be thinking he’s pulled off some kind of coup himself. Does he really have these three soldiers best interests at heart? Does he really think that a lying, murdering thug dictator will listen to any line of reasoning (regardless of the decibel level of whining) unless it is accompanied by mountains of cash? And guns? And nuclear warheads? Has the angling for a worthless Vice-President slot on an equally worthless ticket for a completely clueless party come down to this? Who can visit the vilest of foreign leaders and get the most camera time? Ha! I visited Syria… no I visited Hamas…. no I visited Venezuela. Well, I visited MORDOR, so I win. Gimme the damn (delinked) flag pin, I’ll wear it.

Evidently the Logan Act has no teeth since he is just another warm body in a long line of seditious morons, aiding and abetting our enemies. If you hate America, why don’t you move out? Move to some sunny/frigid clime where the flame of your hatred will be nurtured and fed by others who feel the same! I’m sure Raul or Chavez or Putin or Ahmad-duh-wheres-my-dinner-jacket can fix you right up.

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