Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t sink any lower –

Bill Richardson, former DemWit presidential candidate, visited Hugo Chavez this weekend to ask for his “intervention” in hostage negotiations with FARC. A commenter at Fausta asks

when did Gov. Richardson decide the world needed another Jimmy Carter?

Gateway Pundit also has lots of links as well as pictures of the three hostages.

Fausta has even more in today’s Latin America Carnival.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Even for the anti-human-race party. Gov. Richardson must be thinking he’s pulled off some kind of coup himself. Does he really have these three soldiers best interests at heart? Does he really think that a lying, murdering thug dictator will listen to any line of reasoning (regardless of the decibel level of whining) unless it is accompanied by mountains of cash? And guns? And nuclear warheads? Has the angling for a worthless Vice-President slot on an equally worthless ticket for a completely clueless party come down to this? Who can visit the vilest of foreign leaders and get the most camera time? Ha! I visited Syria… no I visited Hamas…. no I visited Venezuela. Well, I visited MORDOR, so I win. Gimme the damn (delinked) flag pin, I’ll wear it.

Evidently the Logan Act has no teeth since he is just another warm body in a long line of seditious morons, aiding and abetting our enemies. If you hate America, why don’t you move out? Move to some sunny/frigid clime where the flame of your hatred will be nurtured and fed by others who feel the same! I’m sure Raul or Chavez or Putin or Ahmad-duh-wheres-my-dinner-jacket can fix you right up.

1 Comment

  1. Fausta said,

    April 28, 2008 at 8:08 am

    Amazing, isn’t it?
    Thanks for the link!

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