Volcano Chaiten Pictures

Click here to see the astounding pictures of the Chaitén volcano eruption in Chile.

That first one looks eerily like Al Gore Old Smokey literally bellowing forth from his domain to mock humanity at their puny attempts to “Save the Planet.” Who needs Industrial Light and Magic when you’ve got the groove of a good eruption going on down south?

While EveryDayShouldBeSaturday thinks the pictures look like the inside of Nick Saban’s new office, Webutante calls it “one big cosmic belch.”

Wakko would love it.

But seriously keep the people of Chile, the neighboring countries and everyone else downwind in your prayers. The situation is very dangerous and those of that remember the Mount St. Helen’s eruption know that it will take years for the area to recover.

UPDATE: During the subsequent research to this post, I’ve run across The Volcanism Blog. Outstanding stop for the science behind volcanoes (in plain terms even I can understand) along with relevant news. Add it to your blogroll, too. In the meantime, the ash is covering parts of Argentina and the ash cloud is expected to reach Santiago by Sunday. Today in a press conference the Chilean National Geologic Service said the ‘worst case scenario’ parallels Pompeii. Stay tuned.

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