Lazy is to Saturday as…

Fifth Grade Geography is to Obama.

Sure, it’s just a goofy, clumsy mispeak that could happen to anyone. The sort of thing I ordinarily wouldn’t even write about because we all misspeak. It happens.

But…I dunno…I’m not a spiteful sort but it seems like there just needs to be some balance, doesn’t it? If Bush had talked about visiting “57 states” we’d see it run on every channel, in an endless loop, for days on end. We’d be hearing “moron, moron, moron,” etc.

Like The Anchoress, I’m not saying Obama is a moron by any stretch of the imagination , but could we just have a little balance here from the sycophant media? A little? Please?

Second Amendment Rights are to Democratic Vote Whores. (h/t InstaPundit)

Democrats have run away from gun control because they think it’s a major reason they lost swing states in the last two presidential elections.

“If it weren’t for guns, President-elect Kerry might now be conferring with incoming Senate Majority Leader Daschle,” wrote New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in November 2004.

Hmmm… interesting angle here. The Dems aren’t against guns simply because someone might get hurt, but only because it cost them power?

GPS Units are to the GOP. Lieberman checked McCain’s bearings and they are fine.

Real questions are to Real Answers. As HotAir would say, “Nuance.”

Shameless Plugs are to DailyKos. Well, not really. Markos’ mother must be really proud. Well, probably not.


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  1. bejewell said,

    May 10, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    The sycophant media have been too busy derailing Obama’s campaign with constant coverage of Reverend Wright to waste time on a little mispeak.

    Besides, the “moron” argument didn’t do anything to harm Bush – he’s still going strong with his paltry approval ratings – so why bother? Much easier to focus on the controversial words of someone who simply KNOWS Obama – with a much better chance of ruining his White House hopes and dreams.

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