Narcissists R Us

Honestly, folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

On Tuesday, in Mark Allen of Politico’s interview with President Bush, the President said “Popularity is fleeting… principles are forever” when asked about Jimmy Carter. Remember Jimmy just got back from the Middle East, where he embarrassed himself and America, trying to kiss the big-toes of Palestinian terrorists. Yeah, I said it – TERRORISTS. Since when do Presidents, sitting or former, treat with scumbag terrorists?

Then Bush’s excellent speech in Israel was quickly twisted and excerpted by our trusty press. The Anchoress’ answer to “What did you think of Bush’s speech?”

Thought it was exactly what he has been saying for the last 7 years. He’s never deviated from his message – the press just hasn’t been letting you hear it. Now that it got out, today, unfiltered, it sure has infuriated the left and the press. What is very interesting to me is how quickly the headlines and stories have moved away from Bush and any full-text, contextual display of the speech to making it all about Obama. Yes…it really is all about the O!

It is hard to look the public in the eye, when you’re too busy looking in the mirror, isn’t it?

GatewayPundit asks “Why Must Obama Use a Marxist Catch Phrase to Attack His Critics?”

politics of fear politics of fear politics of fear politics of fear politics of fear politics of fear politics of fear politics of fear politics of fear politics of fear

But, where did Obama get this catch phrase? The phrase “politics of fear” is actually an old Marxist phrase used during the Cold War. The New York Sun reported this back in January:

The phrase, “politics of fear,” reemerged from the dustbin of anti-anti-communism on far left Web sites like Alternet in late 2002. In the Cold War, it was employed to deride public school air raid drills, the House’s un-American Activities Committee, and Ronald Reagan’s anti-red campaigns. Since the end of the Cold War, the phrase has been resurrected by politicians and pundits alike to say the electorate ought to fear the people trying to scare us, not these terrorists and tyrants they keep going on about.

Surprised?… Didn’t think so.

Like the ending to a campy B-movie, you knew this would happen. I wonder how long it will be before they’re calling each other “Sweetie.”

Carter, Obama, Edwards. Three peas in a pod. But only brought his own hairdryer.

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