Clown Shoes

Imagine my surprise and delight to come up for air after a long weekend – and gasp! – to see that Obama, that walkin’, talkin’, One Man Side Show did it again! Yet again, he inserted that big old foot in his big old mouth. Better than dodging sniper fire in Bosnia, he said his uncle helped to free Auschwitz! WOW! I didn’t know he had Russian ancestry to go along with his white grandmother. Because it was the RUSSIANS who liberated Auschwitz, you moron! And I’d think twice about throwing the Red Army under the bus, like ol’ grandma or your ol’ reverend or whoever is up for this week’s batch of denials… they’d stuff those clown shoes where the sun doesn’t shine!

P.S. Another surprise! Check out the Carnival of Insanities this week!


1 Comment

  1. Beth said,

    May 28, 2008 at 4:12 am

    Oh, YES…Obama in clown shoes! Like Jon Carry’s flip-flops!


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