Before “Glory, Glory”

…the “Glory, Glory” we all know and love, that sends shivers down the spine of those blessed enough to bleed red and black. Before the beginning of time, the University of Georgia had another school song. Composed in 1908, by R.E. Haughey, the first band director. The (believed to be) only existing copy of the “Red and Black March” was purchased off eBay by Lloyd Winstead, associate director of UGA’s Willson Center for Humanities and Arts… and Redcoat Euphonium ’84-’89.

Dan Magill, Bulldog historian extraordinaire, thinks it might have been played at baseball games.

Perhaps no living person ever has heard “Red and Black March” performed. Longtime Georgia tennis coach Dan Magill, whose association with the university stretches back seven decades, said he’s never heard of the song, although he pointed out it might have been played at Bulldog baseball games, which he said in 1908 – like the 2008 edition – was quite a squad.

“I’ve never heard the song, but I know 1908 was a famous year for Georgia sports,” said Magill, 87. “The Georgia baseball team won the old Southern Conference championship, and this was a time when baseball was a bigger sport than football. (Legendary sportswriter) Grantland Rice wrote that that Georgia team was the greatest team ever in the South.”

Needless to say, this year’s squad smashed the Pesky Yellow Jackets 26 to 6 over 2 games and slam-dunked GT’s hopes of returning to the College World Series.

“Greatest Team Ever In The South.” Yeah, baby!

Go Dawgs!

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  1. david said,

    June 4, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    GO DAWGS!!!!


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