Altogether Now, In Your Best Yoda Voice

Mark Makes a Funny

That Mark Steyn. The “Reader of the Day” coming from the sock-puppet trial. Snort. Rich. Sense of humor twisted has he… yessssss.

I Just Can’t Help Myself

Introducing the new Georgia Tech football uniforms to usher in the Paul Johnson era…

Oh Please….stop it….I can’t breathe!

Operation Love From Home

Tired of the 24/7 yamma-yamma-Hill-er-rama, I turned to one of our local stations 104.7 The Fish this morning for a change of pace.

The morning hosts were interviewing Kathy Orr from Operation Love From Home; an organization that sends cards/letters/notes/emails of support and encouragement to our soldiers. Her goal is to send 5000 cards/letters/notes/emails for July 4th! The deadline is June 14th, so there is still time to help OLFH met and exceed their goal. Bloggers unite! Even if you don’t have time to send a card, there is a link to send an email. The emails are included with other cards/etc. sent.

Words from home make all the difference in the world to a soldier half a world away. And while you’re there – hit the tip jar.

UPDATE: Come on, McCain bloggers, help them out!

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