The Same Old Dog, Just No New Tricks

Tell me, when, exactly, when our election process turn into such a circus?

Obama as “the trophy wife” by The Anchoress over at PJM. Excellent, excellent take on the last few days. And as much as I dislike Hillary, I do know how she feels. Then to go one further, The Anchoress expresses shock that the WaPo actually ADMITTED that the Bush Lied story line is phony. But remember… the liberal-managed press only reports what they are told to report, and they sence an opportunity to allow their masters to take part of the credit for success in Iraq, even if they had no part or parcel of it. Two-faced liars all around

Just another empty suit.

There are Real Issues and then there are Fake Issues. And don’t forget that old saying, “If you can’t dazzle them with brillance, then baffle them with bulls*&#.”

Democrats move to abolish Electoral College. I wonder how long it’s been since anybody in Congress bothered to read the Constitution. Or any history at all. At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, as the process that would later be called the Electoral College was being debated and designed,

Committee member Gouverneur Morris explained the reasons for the change; among others, there were fears of “intrigue” if the President was chosen by a small group of men who met together regularly, as well as concerns for the independence of the Office of the President. [emphasis – mine]

Hmmmm. Does that have a familiar ring to it?

WWOD – What Would Obama Do? If he traded places with McCain during this phase of his life, he would have crumbled. Ahhhh, the drama.

But to me, worst of all, is the belief that he is (delinked) above learning ANYTHING about past mistakes, whether he personally made them or not.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Fausta’s Carnival of Latin America and to help out Operation Love From Home!

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